Ten on Tuesday

1.  Check out this picture!!!!! 

Do you know what this means????   ONLY 4 MORE DAYS TIL BROCK HAS BEEN OUT A YEAR!!!!!!  Time has flown by.  Love his weekly emails (mostly weekly).  Love the amazing man he is becoming.  Can’t wait for a year from now, but I’ll happily enjoy this next year.

2.  Wednesday afternoon I went to Seattle to be an “actor”  (really a volunteer) in a scavenger hunt type event with the Go Game.com.   I was supposed to be a stressed out architect.  I had one line “I’ll say” that I was supposed to say when they asked me a question.  I couldn’t believe how horrible I was.  I couldn’t remember that line for the life of me.  Also confirmed my thought that playing the game was much more fun than volunteering.  Here is me being a stressed our architect.

3.  With the money I got for my one and only acting job,  I headed with the kids to Seattle’s Great Wheel.  The newest attraction on the Pier.  I have shown pictures of them building the ferris wheel in posts from May and June.  I was looking forward to going.  Here are pictures of it and the view – Amazing!

It was lots of fun.  Here are a couple of tips which might help you if you are going to the Seattle Great Wheel. They are currently open 11am til 1am.  Buy and print off your tickets at home.  (they can’t just use your smart phone yet).  That will let you skip the ticket purchase line..  http://seattlegreatwheel.com/

With your ticket in hand go to the line to the left of the ticket booth.  You will probably be in this line for 20-30 minutes.  It takes around 20 minutes to load and go around the ferris wheel.  We headed down with hopes of hitting the sunset (loved it).  Also after 8pm parking is free down by the piers.  The gondola’s hold 6 (maybe a few more with little kids).  Most had 4 people in them.  If you asked really nice (like the guy behind up and told them it was their anniversary then you can get your own gondola.  They load the ferris wheel and then it goes around 3 times and then the unload.  Depending on where you are in line determines if you wait a long time during the load or during the unload.  We were in the first loaded (they load 6 gondola’s at a times).   So our slow wait time was at the beginning which I liked!  It was fun – as long as I looked straight ahead I was okay.  By 3/4th way around I was totally fine.  Lots of fun with the kids.

4.  Friday I had the chance to help serve at the zone conference for our local missionaries.  Although Brock wasn’t there it was great to serve missionaries.  When they all sang Called to Serve it was had not to have tears.  Not because I miss Brock, but because I could picture him belting out those words with great conviction!

5.  Loved our time with the family Olympic Track and Field Meet – check out that blog post.  Still smiling when I think about it.

6. Love that my flower are finally blooming on a couple of bushes which I planted a few years ago.

7.  Love that it is flip flop weather!

8.  Bike rides at night are becoming very routine and I love it.

9.  Got this link to an article about how kids are too busy these from a great friend in the neighborhood and we both agree we are so lucky to have a great group of kids (around 10) that LOVE to play outside together.  They climb trees, build tree swings, play sports, draw with chalk, have water gun fights, etc.  They stay out until called in for dinner and then get back out as soon as possible.  We have the best neighborhood around.  http://www.cnn.com/2012/07/17/opinion/pearlman-end-game-kids/index.html?hpt=hp_bn7

10.  Busy getting ready for the next three trips.  I have three totally different trips with thankfully three different wardrobes needed.  This Friday/Saturday I have the NW Ragnar Relay.  Running for the 7th summer with my team from WA. Sunday we all leave to head to Pagosa Springs, Colorado via Denver for the Bi-Annual Sherwood Family reunion.  Can’t wait to hang out with everyone.  After  spending Sunday with my grandparents who are 93/92 we head home.  That next Monday I go to work to try to get everything taken of.  Tuesday I head to New Zealand for an amazing trip with Owen down under.  So the next few weeks posts will be more travel related than my normal Ten on Tuesday.  Here’s hoping that wi-fi connections work great!

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