I have been having a great time the past few weeks.  I have run in another Ragnar Relay.  Went to an unforgetable Family Reunion in Colorado and now on an amazing trip to New Zealand with Owen.

I will do full blog posts about the Ragnar Relay and the reunion when I get home and have access to my pictures.  On this trip I’ll try to update you as we go to the different cities, but I don’t have a way to upload pictures (except from my cell phone) so will hold off on major posts til I get home.

It is so nice to be here after 37 hours of traveling.  I enjoyed going around town with Owen today.  Really looking forward to the drives over the next few days.  We are headed on the ferry tomorrow morning that will take us from Wellington (on the north Island) to  Picton on the South Island.  We are then renting a car and will drive to Nelson.  Nelson is a city on the western north side of the South Island.  We’ll spend the night there.  Sunday we are going to be making our way down the west side of the coast to Greysmouth.  Monday we will head over to the Eastern side of the island to Christchurch.

I’m sure that we’ll be putting up some pictures on Facebook each day, so you can follow us there.

Enjoying all of it so far.


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