Ten on Tuesday

1.  My floors – I love love love them.

2.  Putting back my kitchen and cleaning all the dust is something I’d rather not to in the near future.  But after not moving in 12 years it sure felt great to get rid of lots of unused and old items.  Thanks to Barb who came to help me dejunk my medicine cupboard.  The before and after pictures are amazing!

3.  Wednesday night we went to IHS to meet Brett’s new teacher.  To say I love her would be an understatement.  Let’s just say that the best way to describe her is that she totally reminds me of EDITH ALLEN FOSTER.  What could be better than having her be Brett’s teacher.  He is looking forward to High School.

4.  Thursday, Becky was able to find out who else got her same teacher as we went to meet the teacher.  I loved to watch her interact with the kids in her class. So excited to see that a couple of girls had saved her a seat at their table.  She has a great teacher and lots of friends in her class.

5.  Spent time with Lindsay as she prepared to get ready to move into her new condo.  She shopped and found lots of cute things to bring color into her room and storage for the things she was bringing.

6.  Saturday was moving day for Lindsay.  She moved to a cute condo about 10 miles away.  It is a mile and a half from her college (school starts on Sept 18th).  It is right on a bus route and next to a mall (shopping or jobs depending on who is talking).  She spent most of the day organizing and getting everything put away.   She has a great roommate and we are so excited for her.

7.  Sunday morning came and we only have 2 kids living at our home now.  My how time flies when you are having fun.  We have had so much fun as a family and I love and am so proud of my kids.  They are 4 in a million!

8.  It finally feels like I have gotten things back in order. Becky keeps wanting to start taking over Lindsay’s old room.  Reminds me of Lindsay when Brock was leaving for college.  I told her we had to wait a little while.  I am tired of moving, cleaning, etc.  So what do I do on Monday – start re arranging my room.  I’m looking forward to moving most of my craft supplies out of my room into a spare room – but I think that it will happen more in October.

9.  Today was the first day of school.  Brett is in the 9th grade.  His bus came 6 minutes earlier than I had expected – so no pictures.  Big news this year is that we are not requiring the bus to wait for an adult for him to be able to get off.  I am looking forward to hearing him come through the front door to tell me he is home tomorrow.  I’m sure I’ll be watching out the window tomorrow afternoon, but by next week I will be doing things around the home.  Will get pictures tomorrow for next week.   I love ISH.  They have a special olympic program for the kids.  Fall sport is bowling – Brett can’t wait.  No bumpers allowed so we’ll have Brett use a ramp.  Winter is basketball – Brett practiced with his PT his bounce pass and chest pass.  Not bad at all.  He can catch a bounce pass, not so much with the chest pass, but give him time and he will amaze us.  Sprint is track and field and he is ready for that.

10.  Becky informed me that I didn’t need to walk her to school.  thankfully one of her good friends mom was allowed and she took this photo of the 4 great friends.  It is amazing how much difference 5 years makes.

Becky had a great day and LOVES her teacher.  Could it be that her teacher loves Calvin and Hobbes?

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2 Responses to Ten on Tuesday

  1. Karen says:

    So glad you blogged! love the photos of Becky. That is such a difference. Best of luck to Lindsay.

  2. Kindy says:

    Great photos. Are those same girls in the first ones? Wishing you a wonderful week to get caught up on everything!

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