Ragnar Relay NW Passage – July 20-21, 2012

Love running relays for a couple of reasons:

  • great motivator in the morning to get myself out of bed and go run harder and faster than in the winter. (I love to run, but to push myself I need a little extra encouragement – like a telling my team a time that I am not running currently but hope to be at by the race)
  • Love being social when I run – running is such a solitary sport most of the time. Love the feeling of cheering for other runner and having them cheer for me.
  • Love spending a weekend with a great friend who I don’t get to see much anymore.
  • Love that our team after 7 years feels like a reunion each summer when we get back together again.
  • Loving being a very small slow part of an amazing team. This year we had a number of college runners so we were let’s say really fast.

Accomplishments with this year:

  • Ran the times I had hoped despite feeling like all I did was taper for this race.
  • Was in Van 1 after many many races as van 2 (really like being done early and the breakfast that followed as van 2 ran their last legs)
  • Realized that I can run faster and need to work on speed all year long – not just 2 months prior to the race.  Then maybe I might be able to get back to my speed from 7 summers ago and a lot closer to the team average pace.

And here is my top 10 photo’s of why I love to run Ragnar Relay races:

1.  There is nothing like a starting line of ANY race.   Our van 1 at the start.  It had been pouring rain all morning.

Our van consisted of from left to right:  Andrea, Herb (Andrea’s boyfriend), Mark, Nicolle (Mark’s daughter), Sean (Mark’s son) and me and Julie (my good long lost friend who lives 10 miles from me).

2.  Love checking out all the teams and their outfits at the start!

No – Julie didn’t listen to them at all.  Listening to Julie talking smack to the other van was great.

3.  The weather was perfect running weather.  Cool and Damp.  The rest of seattle wasn’t happy but we loved it.

4.  Our fearless runners of Van 1

Mark started us out in style – this is him finishing his last leg.

helps to be the one with the camera – not many shots were taken of me – me leaving on my last leg.

I don’t know many people who look happier than Julie when they run.

Nicolle was coming off a stress fracture, but did great!

Loved being in the van with Andrea this year.

Sean is an amazing runner (loved watching Mark as he supported and cheered for his kids!)

5.  Where else can you wear those Christmas gifts from your kids and not worry about what anyone thinks – in fact they will want it.

6.  The scenery on this relay is amazing!

7.  Breakfast in the cutest town around – Coupsville.

8.  Spending time with Julie – what could be more fun!  She is inspiring.

9. Spending major exchanges with Owen (except for 18 – I was so tired and slept through it).  Enjoyed the ride back on the ferry with Owen.

One of these relay’s I’m going to have to be in the same van as him.

10. Being part of an amzing team.  We placed 25th out of 338 teams.  Our average pace was 7:30 per mile.   It is an honor to run again with them.

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2 Responses to Ragnar Relay NW Passage – July 20-21, 2012

  1. Kindy says:

    So fun! I just love reading about Ragnars…they are so inspiring!

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