Ten on Tuesday

1.  So excited I couldn’t sleep this morning.  I woke up at 4:30am?  What could possibly make me that excited you might ask?  ADVENTURE TUESDAY starts back up for the year today!  For those who don’t know it is every Tuesday (but the first one of the month) and I get to go do some sort of adventure on a Tuesday with a bunch of amazing friends.  Today we are going Stand Up Paddleboarding in one of my favorite spots in Seattle. Surf Ballard.  Check back in the next couple of days for the post.  I have told myself that I need to do a make up one from this summer prior to posting new ones.

2.  School is going great for the kids.  They both love it and are doing great so far.  Becky has lots more homework than last year, but she is good about working hard on it when she comes home.  Twice she has gone or had a friend come over and they work together on it.

3.  Soccer season started with a game – Owen went with Becky and it was on the dirt field.  Lots of dust and hot weather (for us).  Becky is so glad that they only have to play on that field once a year.

4.  I love hearing Brett come through the front door and yell, “I’m home” after he gets off the bus by himself.  The bus driver told me this morning that when he leaves school he makes sure to say bye to all the girls.  This morning he wouldn’t get on the bus (which was at the house already) until he had brushed his teeth.  Love that he is growing up.

5.  Becky helped me create these fun paper holders – I needed to run some papers to some homes and I didn’t know if they would be home so I wanted something to hold the paper on their porch.  Also, wanted something fun to give to my friends rather than just a paper. So Becky’s great creativity helped me to create these.

Found this idea on http://eighteen25.blogspot.com/2012/09/please-welcome-nat-and-holly-from-my.html   They have TONS and TONS of Halloween ideas.

6.  Saturday was a perfect morning to go fishing.  We headed out on a bass fishing boat – Brett loved the speed.  We fished for 3 hours and caught a couple of great fish.  Brett loved sitting on the seat.  He could spin around to which ever side of the boat that the fish was biting.  After fishing the boat “captain” asked Brett if he wanted to drive the boat.  Yes was a understatment.  This boat had a pedal gas and Brett did a great job of driving – Mom limited his speed and time, but he was really quite good.

Brett fishing in style in his chair.

Couple of the perch we caught.

Our bait – the small mouth bass sure seemed to like it.

Check it out!Holy Cow they are letting me drive !

Stay on target!!! or Mom will make me slow down or stop.

Brett and his “captain”

7.  Saturday night Owen and I went to our church’s annual adult Salmon Bake.  It was lots of fun.  It was a beautiful night along the shore of Lake Sammamish.  We live in the best place EVER!

8.  Added a new thing to my bucket list.  Hiking the West Coast Trail.  All it took was looking at this blog with the most amazing pictures – It jumped up to close to the top.  It also got on Owen’s list.  Can’t wait – hopefully next summer.


9.  Brett’s school has sports seasons for the special needs kids through Special Olympics.  The fall they have bowling, winter is basketball and spring is track and field.  To say he is excited is a understatment.  Love that he gets to have the “team” experience.

10.  Becky is quite the planner.  Halloween costumes were planned a couple of weeks ago.  She has already counted the days until April 1st and she has her April Fools Day prank already planned.  She is just looking for her materials.  Could this possibly be my daughter?  Love her.

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1 Response to Ten on Tuesday

  1. karenscott24 says:

    Love the paper holder! glad you are back too. It seems so weird when you miss a week.

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