Sherwood Family Reunion Pagosa Springs Colorado July 2012 – Day 1

I love my family.  I grew up in Upstate New York with 8 sibling and amazing parents.  There are 14 years difference from the oldest to the youngest.  No twins – my mom is amazing!  Now that we have families of our own, we get together every other year for a week.  We rotate one year is a location east of the Mississippi and the next reunion is west of the Mississippi.  This summer our reunion was in Pagosa Springs, Colorado.

We flew into Denver and drove 5 hours to get there.  Durango is a much closer airport (45 minutes away), but my grandparents who are 93 live in Denver and we wanted to see them on the way home.  Otherwise I would have paid the extra and flown into Durango.

Here is a couple of my favorite pictures from the drive to the reunion.

Loved the clouds…

Here was the view from the pass we stopped at.

The chipmunk’s at this view point were well fed and were ever were.

We arrived on Sunday night in time for the famous family meeting.  It was fun to be with 5 of my 6 siblings (one came later in the week and two were not able to make it).

One of my favorite parts of the reunion was waking up every morning on walking for an hour with my sibling.  I had just run Ragnar the weekend before and the elevation was much higher than I live so we just walked.  Loved spending the time walking and talking with everyone.

Monday the older kids and parents went to Purgatory Ski Mtn and had a great time riding the Alpine slides, tramps, etc.  I stayed back with Brett, Karen and her kids and a couple of Kindy’s kids,  Jill also stayed back with her kids.  We used a pinterest ideas of pool noodles and marbles.  Duck Tape sure makes it easy to combine lots of them together and have then coming down from upstairs.

That night we had so much fun.  We all ate dinner and the Owen organized a soccer game with the kids.  Lots of fun.  Even the aunts and uncles joined in.  We played boys vs girls.  loved to watch my kids play and have so much fun.   Warning lots of pictures!

Who said Sherwood’s weren’t competitive.  Looks like all our kids have inherited that trait!Aunt Kim telling them how it works – meaning she is in charge…  It wasn’t a goal according to her.

Brett and his famous shaking of the fist.  Watch out!!!

One Aunt who shall remain nameless had a certain technique for hiding the ball.  Not that it worked all that well.

Aunt Kindy teaching all the girls a cheer for the boys..

Uncle Scott trying to rally the boys to a better cheer –  nope didn’t happen.

Then the shaking hands after a good game.

Next was FHE.  Every family did a skit of a scripture story.

We had – “My father dwelt in a tent”

King Benjamin giving his speech.

The good Samaritan..

and David and Goliath…

Then we played minute to win it.

Can you get a oreo from your forehead to your mouth without using your hands?

Can you get a Ping Pong Balls to stick on a piece of bread covered in peanut butter?

Can you catch pencils that you have tossed from your hand in your hand?

Can you flip a water bottle and have it land straight up on a table?

Lastly can you catch a ping pong in a pot that it on your forehead?

So much fun and that was only on the first day there.

Rob did a great job planning the reunion.

Loved spending time with everyone.

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4 Responses to Sherwood Family Reunion Pagosa Springs Colorado July 2012 – Day 1

  1. karenscott24 says:

    Cannot wait for the rest of the “days”

  2. Marsha says:

    Wonderful people and super good photos. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Kindy says:

    Love those pics! Like Karen I am excited to see the rest. Thanks for journalling for us all.

  4. Kari says:

    Me three!!!!! Love reliving the week!

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