Sherwood Family Reunion – Pagosa Springs, CO Day 2

One thing about our family was that we grew up going on vacations and doing things.  Rarely did we go to an amusement park vacation, but we found outdoor activities to do.  Now that we have our own families the tradition continues.

Today was a divide and conquer for the activities today.  The younger kids got to go and live out their dreams riding on the two ATV’s that Kindy brought up from AZ.

They had been playing on and around these for a couple of days.  They had lots of fun.  Owen was one of the drivers and when they got on he asked how muddy did they want to get.  That determined how many mud puddles he drove them through.

The older kids headed down to tube the “river”.    We stopped at the put in point that was right at a gas station.  It took us about an hour to fill all the 17 tubes.    The kids were great while they waited.

Then we headed down to the river.

my child is the one who refuses to have her picture taken

Kari and I were going to be the martyr mom’s and chose to use 2 little tubes and give the larger tubes to the kids.  We tried and yeah, that wasn’t going to work well.

Here is Matt – needless to say NO PICTURES were taken of Kari or me on the small tubes.

Turns out that river was not flowing very high.

We had lots of fun – very few “rapids”, lots of lazy lounging.

It was so low that we had to paddle our way through some of the times.

The game that night after dinner was Dodge ball.  Scott had brought up a bag full of balls and it was great fun.



Loved that the kids would do what ever Uncle Scott told them to do.  Brett yeah he didn’t need to follow the instructions.. 😉

Brett even occasionally admitted to being hit, but he didn’t stay down long.

Becky wasn’t aggressive, but she was almost always last one standing.

Spending time with these guys was so fun.

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