Ten on Tuesday

1.  Time is flying by.  I can’t believe it is already Tuesday again.    We have been back to the school routine and kids are doing great.  Not getting as many blogs from the summer done.  Just barely got my pictures from August downloaded tonight.

2.  I have been very busy at work.  Monday, Wednesday and Friday’s I’m at work from when the kids go to school till they get home.  Hoping that slows down soon.

3.  I went and rode the bus with Lindsay last week so she would know the route from her condo to school and back.  Only got on one wrong bus (still going to the right place) and good off 2 stops early, nothing we couldn’t walk to her condo from.  I think she has a great spot – right on a bus line, next to a mall (easy access for jobs and shopping) and so close to school.  Today was her first day of the semester.  She will be a pro at the busses in no time at all.

4.  Thursday we were able to get new carpet in the family room.  Oh how that carpet need to be changed.  Love the new carpet.

Funny what you remember you picked and what it actually looks like as a whole room rather than a swatch on a board.

5.  Friday the hardwood floor guys came back to buff and put on a final coat of sealer.  Floors look great.  Brock asked if we could slide on our socks really easy.  Answer is a HUGE yes.  We’ll try to keep it slick until you get home in July.

6.  Friday night we went bowling.  Brett started Special Olympic bowling on Monday we headed to Snoqualmie bowling alley to get warmed up.  They don’t use bumpers we wanted to get Brett used to that and a ramp.  Becky wanted bumpers, but it only took her a few frames to get the hang of no bumpers.  Brett had fun.  Ramps are tough to aim.   Black lights only way to bowl.

Monday while bowling we discovered that the heavier the ball the better it does to go straight and now curve one way or the other.  So oh yeah – Brett is bowling with a 16 pound ball.

7.  Becky soccer games have started.   Lots of fun to watch her this week.  She is doing a great job.   Thought I’d give you a couple of different perspectives of the game from a camera lens.

8.  Owen has been on a hiking kick.  He hiked 3 days during the week and then headed up to Mirror Lake on Saturday.  He had gone there with Brock many years ago and had lots of fun.  He met a guy who was a couple of weeks away from walking the entire Pacific Crest trail from Mexico to Canada.  It had taken him 5 or so months so far.

9.  Saturday night Owen and I got to go and visit with great friends.  It was so nice to go and talk with friends it has been forever since we talked, but yet we see each other many times a week.

10.  Becky has been coming home each day usually with a good friend, pulling out her homework and working on it right away.  I love to see how hard she is working and all that she is learning.  I am greatly blessed with 4 amazing kids.  Love them and Owen and all they do for me.

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  1. karenscott24 says:

    I love the cleat photo. that is so true!!

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