Sherwood Family Reunion – Pagosa Spring, Colorado Day 4

Thursday was one of busiest days planned so far.

Every morning during our walk we would see the hot air balloons lift off across the field from the condo’s.

The morning was scheduled for the younger kids to go and play in the river. They weren’t going to tube the river but there was a great spot to wade, play and throw rocks.

The older kids headed up into the mountains to ride the ATV’s. It was a beautiful meadow.

It was a great spot because while the ATV’s were out the kids played in the creek.

They decided to build a dam and all worked hard and did a great job.

Once they had gotten it deep enough – “Let’s go under!”

Lots of fun splashing with the ATV’s.

Then we were putting the ATV’s back on trailer. Owen was still out with one of the nephews. When he arrived we noticed a few things. No helmet and he face was looking like he had spent a bit of time on the ground.

One of the fisherman at his car said “If they want to take your picture than you know it looks good”.

Turns out they had rolled the ATV and Owen ended up with lots of bruising and a broken rib.

We headed back to the condo’s.  Owen started taking some meds to help the stiffness and soreness.  Let’s just say that he didn’t so much the rest of the trip.

That afternoon was the traditional Amazing Race.  Greg, who couldn’t be there, had helped Kim come up with one.  Seeing as my family had fizzled out (Becky was helping Tanna, Lindsay wasn’t interested, Owen was out of commission) leaving me and Brett who I volunteered to stay and take care of Owen.  Knowing that would mean we would lose our Silver Bootsie trophy for sure.  They started out having to count how many M&M’s of each color they had.

We missed out on singing “If I had a wagon I would go to Colorado” or cha cha slide,  drinking warm sulfur water (no thanks) and then headed to the airport to fly their paper airplanes.

Rob’s family were able to retain their Gold Bootsie Award, but we had to mail our’s to the Rapiers.  In two years, hopefully we will be in condition to regain our award.

After dinner we all headed to the rodeo.   I love rodeo’s.  This was a small town one.  The announcer was great.  Loved the patriotism at a rodeo.

Karen had signed her kids up to be in the mutton busting (that means they get to ride sheep like a bull rider – just on sheep).  Since none knew how Uncle Scott had fun teaching them what to do in the stands.

It was fun to watch all the cousins hang out prior to the start.

At the beginning of the rodeo they have all the bull’s run out to show us the animals.  I love the comments from my nephews.  One nephew who had been signed up to ride the sheep said “I thought I was riding a sheep!”  Another city slicker nephew said, “Look at the Lion’s!”   I am pretty sure he now knows the difference between a bull and a lion.

My niece out preformed her brothers…

We learned that NOTHING stops a rodeo.  It poured – the rodeo kept going on; there was lightning a little ways away – the rodeo kept going on.  It was lots of fun and my niece and nephews were the hit of the night!

I highly recommend going to a small town rodeo.  So much fun!

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1 Response to Sherwood Family Reunion – Pagosa Spring, Colorado Day 4

  1. karenscott24 says:

    Love love love this!!! Annmarie did Awesome. Thanks for the great photos!

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