Adventure Tuesday – Stand Up Paddleboarding

With school starting, that means Adventure Tuesday start back up again.  Most Tuesdays I go with a bunch of amazing friends and we go and do some sort of adventure.  This is our second year.  Lots of fun and it is great to revisit some fun adventures we haven’t done in a year.

First one of the year was Stand Up Paddleboarding (SUP).  We do this first off because you never know the weather and we prefer warmer to colder, especially when you are out on the Puget Sound.  We had 11 women (4 were first timers) and no one fell in.

We went back to my favorite spot to SUP.  Surf Ballard.

They are located across the street from a great put in spot on the Puget Sound.  We had the most beautiful sunny, clear sky day!

We headed south and paddleboarded to the Ballard locks.

We saw amazing boats go buy and had much windier conditions that either of the other two times I’ve been SUP.    Hense the reason for us standing up along with kneeling/sitting down.

After paddling to the locks and back we went under the pier to check out the marine life and then into a Marina.  the Marina is great because it is so calm and peaceful.  Filled with incredible boats to look at.

Beautiful day, lots of great friends and amazing BBQ Pork shop next door.  Perfect day!

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