Sherwood Family Reunion – Pagosa Springs Colorado Day 5 – Final Day

Friday we had a family olympics planned in honor of the Opening Ceremonies of the Olympics (I know I am really far behind in posting).   Pagosa Springs High School has a beautiful all-weather track.  It was a great morning for a race.  After getting things set up a few of the adults had a 100 mtr run/race (we are too competitive to just run).  I could not believe how out of breath I was.  Silly attitude.  Remind me to never run a race at a higher than 700 foot altitude.

We had the kids march down the track like they do at the opening ceremonies.

Our field events consisted of: Shot put (with the dodge balls from a few nights earlier); Javelin Throw (with Red Vine’s); Discus (with the smaller black intertubes from tubing – yea the ones Kari and though we could ride down on); and Long Jump.

I was positioned at long jump so I didn’t get many pictures of the other events.  Feel free to jump down to the bottom, because I figured all the nephews and nieces deserved their moment of fame – plus some we so cute with their jumps and some were lets say just a bit determined.

Thursday night my dad wanted to challenge Brett to a race since he and my mom were leaving first things Friday morning.  Here are a couple of pictures of the race.  (My dad has a stress fracture on his foot – that is the reason for the boot)  I think you can see where we all got our competitiveness from.

The next events on Friday were the running races.  We had a 50 and 100 yard dash.  400m run and a family 4×100 relay.   Everyone did great.

We had our own photo finish – reminds me a lot of the 100 meter Olympic Trials 3/4th place finish.

Brett had “his races”.  He did great.

From the looks at our rental I’d say we had a great time in Colorado.

Friday afternoon the sister had sometime to take some pictures together.  It has been 4 years since we have all been together.  Lots of fun to take pictures together.  Sure love my sisters.

Only 1 of my sister-in-laws were there (one had a baby the next Sunday and one had moved to Japan at the beginning of July).  Jill was brave and a great sport.

Friday afternoon/evening was spent in the local ER with Owen as we tried to get help for his pain.

Saturday we drove back to Denver and had lunch with my 93-year-old grandparents.  They are amazing examples of greatness.

Sunday we headed back to WA.  So much fun – See all you Sherwood’s in 2014.

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