Ten on Tuesday

1. Our internet has FINALLY been fixed. It has been since June when we had constant reliable internet. Oh happy days!

2. We had lots of fun eating dinner with my cousin Emily and her husband Eric last week. Two hours fly by and we are so excited for them and their new baby girl who they hope arrives on 10-11-12.

3. Becky improved so much this week in her soccer skills. She is a great defender. Nothing gets past her to the goal. Love it when the girls start to realize how much better you can play if you spread out and pass the ball. The wheels are turning in their heads and it is great.

4. Saturday was a crazy day being pulled in many different directions. Becky had a game in the morning. Owen had a SharePoint Saturday all day. It was the first Saturday of the month of concern food drive – I am in charge of getting people to volunteer, pick up donations and then sort the donations. The morning started out by our grocery store being over booked. (Always a good thing than being under booked) That afternoon our good friend got married and Becky and Brett helped me as we helped to decorate/set up for the reception that night. Owen’s owners of the company were in town from New Zealand and we headed in to Seattle to eat with them. Non-stop crazy day, but everything worked great.

5. Brett did great at bowling this week. He had been very frustrated using the ramp. The ramp doesn’t let you aim very consistently. Yesterday during his second game (2nd frame in), he told me he was going to use his fingers and no ramp. He was so much happier to throw a gutter ball than to roll any pins down using the ramp.

I LOVE his determination. Also love that one of my kids is a sports nut. We threw the football during Monday Night Football and he is really improving at catching the football.

6. Brett’s favorite class is PE. Shocking, I know. Right now they are playing tennis and he loves it. His class is also in charge of delivering copies to different teachers in the building. He thinks that is great. Watch out world’s the Top Deliveryman lives here.

7. Lindsay came home for dinner on Sunday and it was great to see her and spend some time with her. Loved how Brett and Becky both showed her lots of things that are happening in their lives.

8. Work is going great for Owen. He has been home with the exception of a few days the whole month. I think I am getting pretty used to it. Love being able to go say hi and get a kiss anytime I’m home – I am gone from the home more than he is lately. He is still doing great with his hiking.

9. Went to my last elementary school curriculum night this past week. I don’t feel old but that statement sure makes me sound older.

10. Enjoy making progress in getting caught up on my blogs from this summer. I have 2 major ones (New Zealand trip and Vancouver Island) trip and last weeks Adventure Tuesday Bike Ride and then today’s Adventure Tuesday hike and then I will be caught up. Maybe by next Tuesday.

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