New Zealand Trip August 2012

I flew in late at night and took a taxi so it is amazing how you have no clue where you are in relationship to any part of the city.

We were able to see a large part of the city.  Owen was still very very sore and bruised from the ATV accident from the week before so our adventure level was very low.    Over and over again I was surprised at how much everything reminded me of Seattle and the NW.  Good thing because I sure love the NW.  It was their winter so I was able to pre pack prior to my Colorado trip because I could pack the winter clothes.

The taxi driver from the airport told me to go up the Wellington Cable Car at sunset/night to get great views of the city at night.

Taking the ferry from the North Island to the South Island.  Our best splurge of the trip was to pay the extra to be in the lounge.  (Free wifi – free breakfast and scones and drinks)  Best part was realized when we were getting our luggage on the south island were all the backpackers and families that we missed fighting for a table with.  Worth the money.

The sunset the morning we went on the ferry was incredible.  All these pictures are of the same morning and about 15-20 minutes difference in time.

Then most the rest of the day was overcast and cloudy.  So worth getting up early to see the sunrise!

Here are a couple of pictures of the City of Wellington.

The ferry ride was beautiful.  So many of the islands that we went past reminded me of going through the San Juan Islands.

Owen even found his next set of luggage already monogrammed and has wheels.

The port town was wonderful.   I really enjoyed the small town feel of the islands.

We got our car and learned to drive on the correct side of the road.

After a couple of right turns we were good to go.  Figured we had it down.

Loved the variety of the hills.

Saw lots and lots of sheep, but didn’t expect them to me mowing the grass/weeds in vineyards.

amazing homes ..

Shoes if you needed a spare…

fun signs along the driving routes ..

Loved the hotels outside of the cities…

Loved spending time with Owen and enjoying the relaxing time in New Zealand.  Next time, I’d pick the summer/fall and a hubby who isn’t recovering from an ATV accident/broken rib/pain meds.  Next time we’ll get to be more adventurous.

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2 Responses to New Zealand Trip August 2012

  1. Kindy says:

    Wow! Was it as green as it would have been in the spring or summer? The water sure was blue! So excited you got to see a beautiful place!

  2. karenscott24 says:

    Love love love all the photos.

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