Vancouver BC – Mini Vacation Part 2

Mornings are my favorite time of the day on the water it seems.

Arriving in Horseshoe Bay…

Looking out from Stanley Park was amazing. 

Loved the cooler with the speakers and all their supplies.

For dinner we headed to a Chinese restaurant.  Becky got some free chop stick lessons.

I learned a LIFE LONG lesson.  Beef with peppers doesn’t always mean green bell peppers.

Turns out after I ate a whole one of these, I sooon discovered they were NOT bell peppers, but jalapeno peppers.  Holy Fire of Flame Mouth.

Monday while Owen had meetings and work the kids and I headed a couple of blocks to catch a bus to Grouse Mountain.   Once at Grouse Mountain you take the sky tram up to the top.

I am not a zoo person.  I go to a zoo once every decade or so.  I would not call this a zoo, but the bears and birds were amazing!


a hawk..

vultures (they are truly disgusting birds how they protect themselves and their young is gross)

The falcon…

And the Bald Eagle…

Their lumberjack show had us all cheering and laughing!!!

especially the lost “tourist”

After a great day on the mountain (ski resort in the winter) we headed back to town to tell Owen all that we had done.

Tuesday afternoon on our way back home we stopped at the go-cart race track to use a groupon we’d bought at the beginning of the summer so that Brett could “drive”.  He did great.  I pushed on the gas since his braces didn’t let him push very easily and for 20 minutes he was in driving heaven.  It was less stressful than teaching my older two to drive a car, but I did find my self pulling on the wheel a few times.  Brett was in heaven and Becky was a slow but steady driver.

We had a great drive home and arrived to beautiful hardwood floors.  So glad to be home and not traveling for a bit.  Although a trip around the world was fun to plan out with Owen the other day.  Oh do we love to dream.  As my friend said shot for the stars because then your feet will brush the tops of the trees.

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1 Response to Vancouver BC – Mini Vacation Part 2

  1. Kindy says:

    Great pictures of the animals! You are a super photographer! Looks like a wonderful trip!

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