Ten on Tuesday

1.   Amazing how in an instant all your problems seem so unimportant.  That happened last Wednesday just before 5pm.  I got a phone call telling me how one of my dear friends (Julie – who ran Ragnar with me) oldest son had been killed that afternoon.  As I drove to her home, I called my sister Kim and said, “I don’t have any problems.”    Give your kids and spouse and friends a extra hug every hour or two today.

2.  Amazing contract to Wednesday night, Thursday night Becky and I went to my cousin’s baby shower.  Had lots of fun, won some yummy candy bars and saw lots of totally cute girl clothes.  So excited to meet this new baby girl in a few weeks!

3.  Friday night Becky’s friends invited us to go mountain biking at a local Mountain Bike Park.  One Dad came with 4 girls a brother and 3 mom’s.  He did a great job of teaching the girls and me.  I loved what I learned – now to put it into practice.  For a bit of the trail he was riding behind me so he would call out reminders to me.  It was great.  I was amazed at how many techniques I know I should do, but when I am in the middle of the trail I forget.  Sounds aloft like life doesn’t it.  Thank goodness for all those who ride behind me and call out to me to correct my technique.


4.  As I watched Becky get onto her bike with her friends it became unbelievably obvious that her bike was WAY to small.  She has ridden it around the neighborhood a lot this summer, but I never noticed.  On the trail – it was TOTALLY clear that she needed a bigger bike.  Thanks goodness for Craigslist.

5.  Becky continues to improve each week at soccer.  She is tough and isn’t afraid to get a ball in her stomach multiple times in the game.  Her defensive skills are amazing.  One of our goalies said that it is kind of boring because defense is too good.  The other team seemed to have a force field around their goal for 59 minutes.  Finally when our coach only had 2 defenders rather than the normal 3 did our girls score and just in time.

6.  Owen went hiking and made it to the top of Tiger Mtn.  I love to hear – I’m going for a hike.  The weather has been very ideal for hiking.

7.  Brett had his final PT research session on Saturday afternoon.  He was so excited and was knew that he’d be coming home with more money.  It was funny when I asked him if he was ready to leave the University and he said no.  He needed his money.

8.  Bowling is successful yesterday.  Last week Brett was able to get 3 pins down in a game, bowling without bumper or a ramp.  Yesterday, he was able to hit down 7 pins.  He was all smiles and was so happy to bowl gutters.  His 3 team mates were so kind and patient.  I sure love the kids in this group.  Probably 1/2 have Down’s.  You couldn’t ask for a more loving and kind group of friends.  They cheer for each other and are soo happy when someone else does well.  Something we should all do better at.

9.  Last night the search came to an end.  The bike had been found.  It wasn’t sold yet and we headed down after bowling.  Becky rode it around and around once we got home.  I’m sure that it will be ridden many times this week.  Watch out single track – Becky is BACK.

10.  So grateful for all that I have.  I love my family and my extended family.  I am so glad that I have religion in my life.  As I have watched my friends this past week, I don’t know how you do it any other way.   Your faith, your family and your friends/community are there for you.  How thankful that I have all 3.  Loved this picture from my run last Friday morning.

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  1. karenscott24 says:

    Thanks for the comments to make me look at my life and realize what wonderful things I have. Love ya!

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