Ten on Tuesday

1.  Amazing that it is October already.  We have gotten into the groove of school and after school activities.  Funny that no matter the number of kids at home it still feels busy.

2.  Owen was out-of-town for a couple of days last week and we sure missed him not being home.  He leaves this week for another trip to New Zealand.  It has been a while since he has been gone over a weekend.  Sure miss him more over weekends than during the week.

3.  Work has been busy – so love Thursday’s which are my day to do my things.  They sure seem to fill up quick though.

4.  After over 14 years of PT visits at least once a week, Brett has graduated.  We’ll go back for a follow up in January just to make sure that he is progressing and isn’t getting too tight without PT, but wow!  Never thought this day would come.  I love not going places after school.

5.  Soccer is going great for Becky.  She is getting better and more fearless.  Last Saturday she discovered the reason to wear a hat – keeps you supper warm.  Extra grapes in your mouth was half time favorite this week!

Saturday she had a spectacular fall/trip.  One minute she was up and running next second she was horizontal in the air going towards the ground.  She was a great trooper and jumped back up and it never slowed her down much.  Couple of days ago she showed me the bruise on her hip.  I love touch chicks!

6.  This past weekend was General Conference for our church.  We were able to watch talks for a couple of days on the TV.  Loved how the talks spoke to me or my good friends.  One of my favorite weekend of the year – wearing PJ all day on Sunday has nothing to do with it.

7.  Brett continues to bowl.  He is getting better and better about getting pins down.  Even when he bowls a 4 he is happy.  This past week, I didn’t have to help him at all.  I helped him find the right ball at the beginning and sat back and was a cheer leader.  He loved hanging out with the other kids who were bowling.  Love the excitement from the kids as they get a strike or spare.

8.  Saturday Brett and Owen went to check out the air soft guns at a local sporting goods store.  Brett was in heaven.  Owen said it was great to watch Brett pull out his wallet and pay at the register with his hard earned money from the PT testing he has done for the past 5 months.

9.  Last night we were able to try out the guns in the backyard.  Brett was in heaven.

We are looking forward to target practice with our pumpkins in a few weeks.

10.  The costume box has been used a lot this past weekend.  We had the world’s greatest ring master

and the best looking GI Joe come hang with us.

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2 Responses to Ten on Tuesday

  1. karenscott24 says:

    how awesome that there is no more PT! congrats Brett. Glad Becky is a tough cookie, must be related to her parents.

  2. krapier says:

    So glad he graduated from PT! And can’t wait to see the shot-up pumkins!

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