Ten on Tuesday

1.  What an amazing couple of days Brett had last week.  Thursday – see previous post.  Friday night as the Homecoming football game.  Brett and his classmates were invited to cheer with the cheerleaders (girls) or help the spirit leaders to cheer on the students.  Brett wanted to go.  He wasn’t too sure about being down on the track, so he watched from the first row of bleachers with me for the first quarter.  His student teacher came and asked him around the 2nd quarter if he wanted to come down.  He had watched his friends long enough to give it a try.  He had lots of fun.  Never wanted to don the toga or “cheer”, but loved being with his friends and the other’s around him.

I had been banned to take pictures by this time (Brett walked up to me from the track to tell me to put away the camera – I wanted him to stay there more than take more pictures so I missed this shot).  Two cute girls came to the fence, called Brett and then stood at the fence and chatted with him.  What teenage boy would  not LOVE that!  Once again – IHS is an amazing place and so glad we are there.

2.  After the game Brett and I stopped by QFC for the much-needed chocolate milk.  We ran into one of Brett’s friends from his class who is going to school at SHS (our home high school, but we found out last spring that they wanted Brett at IHS).  What a night and day difference for that student.  Once again so grateful that we are at IHS.  It is the right place for Brett.

3.  Becky had her first soccer game of the season in rainish conditions.  It was raining when we got there, but didn’t rain during the game.  We were playing on a dirt field.  It was nice to not have a dust bowl like the last time we played and happy that it wasn’t a mud pit yet either.

4.  Owen is have a good time in New Zealand.  He was able to get out a get a hike in yesterday morning.

5.  We have purchased our pumpkins in anticipation of our annual pumpkin carving party.  Although, Becky is getting way to many ideas after we have been watching Halloween Wars on TV.  It is a show with a MASTER pumpkin carver, cake decorator and candy maker where they compete to make amazing creations.  Yeah – our’s will not look anything like theirs.

6.  My goal for this week is to get caught up on all the Adventure Tuesday posts I have to do (including today I think it is 4).  Then I will be finally caught up.

7.  Becky and I got to spend some time this last Saturday helping sort and check expiration for a local food drive.  Becky was a great helper and did a great job.  I love the chance to volunteer with her.  Doesn’t happen often, but so enjoy it when it does.

8.  Lindsay got a job!  I am hoping that I will be able to withstand the temptations of her discount.  I’m not to worried about her – since it isn’t a clothing store, but me oh man self-control and trying not to covet will be my test.  If I never go in the stores or look online I will be just fine, I keep telling myself.

9.  Sunday Becky and I played Jenga.  I think we got our highest tower yet.  30 blocks high!

(if you count we are only at 29 in the pictures – you’ll have to trust me that we got it one more row higher prior to it falling down.)

10.  Saturday night we had lots of fun at our house as we had 10 girls (10-11 year olds) over for a get to know you PJ party.  Brett was so funny.  He hid in his bedroom playing his electric guitar most the night.   He was willing to come out when all but one had gone home.

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