Ten on Tuesday

1.  I think my most favorite fruit right now is a plum.

Followed closely by chocolate covered cherries.

2.  We got pumpking last week in preparation for our annual pumpkin carving party.  I love looking at them on the front porch.

They remind me of the rock statues from our trip to Vancouver Island this past summer.

3.  Owen came HOME!  Always a great day when he is here.

4.  Brett’s coach at bowling commented that it was too bad we didn’t have a six pound ball with finger holes that could fit,   I looked online and tried to find a cheap one.  Turns out there aren’t many bowling pro shops in town that can drill the hole in the ball for you.  We found one in Seattle that had a great price on the ball as well as drilling the holes.  I loved the older oriental man – who reminded me of Mr. Matismo (Karate Kid) – who took Brett’s measurements and did the work.  Brett was in heaven watching his ball become HIS ball.  Brett loved when he saw his name carved on it.  He was so happy to show it to Owen when we picked him up from the airport right after.

5.  We made it another week without a rainy soccer game.  Wore the rain pants and coat, but the rain stayed away.  Maybe my rain pant purchase was my best investment this year – if that is all it takes for it not to rain, I’m in.

6.  Saturday night, we had lots of fun going with Brett’s good friend from church to Endurcross.  It is a motorcycle race in the arena.   There are all kinds of logs, stones, boulders, water hazards that they had to go over.  It was a lot like one of the x-box games which Brett and Becky play.

We had so much fun.  I love races.  It doesn’t really matter what it is  – a good race is a good race.  I can’t wait for them to come back next year.

7.  Monday, Brett’s bowling ball bag showed up on the front porch.  (Oh how I love Amazon).  Brett was to excited when he got home from school.  When his speech therapist came over he could have gotten any job on Price is Right pointing and showing off his greatest prize.

Still trying to figure out the best way to carry the bag.  Some how 7-8 pounds hanging off his shoulder seems to throw him for a loop.

8.  I love the love from down’s kids.  The majority of the kids on Brett’s bowling team are down’s kids.  They give high five’s and hugs every time no matter the score.

9.  If you are looking for a reason to come visit us this Christmas time, besides all the fun Holiday traditions we have – can’t wait so excited they are starting up.  Becky is going to be in the bell choir for the Christmas program at church on Dec. 23rd.

10.  Other night,  we had an amazing night sky.  Loved it!

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1 Response to Ten on Tuesday

  1. karenscott24 says:

    I want to go to endurcross (which I have never heard of)! sounds awesome!

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