Adventure Tuesday – Biking the John Wayne Trail from Hyak to Iron Horse State Park

Tuesday morning was a beautiful day to ride bikes.

We had 14 amazing women who were up for the challenge. It is a beautiful ride down a rail trail (old railroad track that has become a trail).

There is a shuttle company that you can pay to take you up to the top, but we were able to find enough bike racks to make it without them.  You need to drop a car or more at the bottom of the trail at the Iron House State Park (take exit 32 off of I-90 in North Bend and turn right.  Follow the road 4 miles or so to the end.  You need a Discovery Pass to park here.  Then head back to I-90 to the Hyak exit 54.  Turn to the right when you come off the freeway.  When you get to the stop sign, turn left and follow the frontage road to Hyak State Park.

Hyak has access to the John Wayne Trail, a 100 mile rail trail.

You head west on the trail

and soon come to a 2 mile tunnel through the mountain.

Turn on your head lamps/bike lights as you enter, remember to take off your sunglasses – not that we would know what it would be like with sun glasses on.

After you come out of the tunnel,

enjoy the beautiful scenery,


and lots of fun riding down the next 18 miles

til you arrive at Cedar Falls turn off (on the trail).  This will have you ending up right where you left your car earlier that day.

We had lots of fun with a most beautiful fall day ever.  The ride was great this year.  It was my second time and seemed to go by so much faster – something about knowing where you are on the ride and how much further to go makes it much quicker.

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2 Responses to Adventure Tuesday – Biking the John Wayne Trail from Hyak to Iron Horse State Park

  1. Kindy says:

    How pretty! Like the 18 miles downhill!

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