Ten on Tuesday

1.  A few season’s ago on Amazing Race they made empanadas.  Becky and I tried (note to all of you – wan ton wraps don’t work well).  We found a place in Gilman Village that sells them.  OH man are they good.

2.  You can tell that it is getting to be hot chocolate season around here.  The other day, Brett downloaded (okay asked me and I helped him) Starbuck’s app so that he could plan out his hot chocolate drinks.  Bring on Hot Chocolate Season we are ready!

3.  Speaking of technology,  can you believe that I have a newer version of the iphone software than Owen?  That is an amazing thing.  Could be that I told him that I don’t like (okay – don’t know who to use and don’t like to learn new things – this reminds me of my mom) the new mapping app.  I am getting better with/ used to it.

4.  Last week was the least busy weeknight/weekend week that we’ve had in a very very long time.  Loved being home – don’t worry I’m still dreaming of lots of exciting trips.

5.  Friday night, Owen and I were substitutes for a bowling league with a bunch of friends from church.  It was actually really fun to bowl without kids.  Owen did great – even got a turkey!

6.  Becky had soccer in the pouring rain.  Brett slept in so I volunteered to stay at home so he could sleep.   Such the martyr mom I am.  Owen and I did the annual cleaning of the garage – you would be amazed Brock and Lindsay.

Spent lots of the rest of the day getting thing I needed for our Halloween Pumpkin Carving party.  Any idea how many places I had to look to find candy eye balls?  In the end all it takes is one store.

7.  Sunday afternoon, Becky Brett and I spent most of the time making Frankensteins,



more mummies,

and jack-o-laterns

spiders (look in between the Frankenstein’s)

and witches finger.

Loved spending time with the kids creating.  It seems like it has been a long, long time.

8.  Monday night was our pumpkin carving party.  Lots of fun with good friends.  Thanks to Halloween War’s we’ve upped our game on the pumpkins just a bit.

 (This is looks much more like a storm trooper when it is dark and there are candles in it.  Morning time looks like lots of cuts in a pumpkin.)

9.  Monday after school IHS has a club who provides activities for the kids in Brett’s special ed class room about once a month.  They had a Halloween party for them.  Brett was a bit shy at first because they were painting pumpkins.  A couple of the girls came over to chat with him and one had a golf sweatshirt on.  Brett started to show them every picture of him on my phone which included some sort of sports.  When they had a fishing booth (for a prize) he was in.  The popcorn and candy helped too.  I tried to get a couple of shots with  my phone, so I apologize for the bad quality – me not the phone’s fault.

10.  I am going to take on the challenge in Nov to take a picture everyday of something I’m grateful for.  Will post here and hopefully you will do the same – not necessarily post here, but be looking forward to what you are grateful for in the Month of November.

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1 Response to Ten on Tuesday

  1. Kindy says:

    How fun those halloween treats! You will have to share your secrets. I agree about the pumpkins looking in the morning. I like the 3 in one pumpkin. Way to go Owen!

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