Ten on Tuesday

1.  Tuesday night was our Trunk or Treat at church.  My good friend called me at 3:30 to see what my costume was.  I had gone all out this year.  I had an orange t-shirt.  She suggested we dress up as twiner soccer mom’s – with our rain jackets and rain pants.  It was fun to be a twin with my great friend.

2.  Becky hung out with her friends at the Trunk or Treat…

and Brett wouldn’t leave Hansen’s side.  Hansen leaves for his mission a week from today, so Brett is getting all the time he can with him.

3.  Halloween was lots of fun.  Lindsay came over with a dog she was dog sitting and we had lots of fun with her for the evening.  The rain caused us to have a slower night answering the door, but we had lots of fun at home with each other.

4.  I had my first quilting class.  I just thought is was a learn how to piece class.  Nope, we are going to be learning to machine quilt.  Could be quite amazing – if I can have a bit more prefection side of me come out.  We are making pillow’s and here is the pieces getting ready to be pieced.

5.  I loved going to visit my cousin Emily and seeing her and her cute new baby and my Aunt Car.  I promised I wouldn’t take pictures of post them of her on the internet.  They are doing great and oh how I love to hold babies.  Most importantly, I love not having any need to have any more of my own.  Can’t wait to go and see them again.

6.  Friday was Brock’s birthday so we celebrated by having the missionaries serving in our ward over for dinner.  It wasn’t Brock, but the closest thing we came to having him home.

7.  Becky had a soccer game on Saturday.  It was their first lost of the season to an amazing team.  Somehow losing to a superior team is never as hard as losing to a team you should have beaten.

8.  Brett had his Special Olympics bowling tournment on Saturday.  He had a great time.  They used league rules where they alternate lanes each turn.  I was impressed on how good he was doing to follow where he needed to bowl.  Another nice part is that handicap were in play which helped out Brett tremendously.  He was very consistant and bowled a 14 for both games.  (No bumpers allowed)  Here are a lot of pictures from the morning.

Here is Brett and his good friend from school with their gold medals.

9.  Sunday night Becky and I played lots of games after dinner.  So happy I have a game player at home.  Needless to say I need to bring my A game next time.  Becky beat me in every game but Blokus.

10.  Had lots of fun trying to get a picture of a falling leaf on Saturday.  I just thought I’d show a few more of the pictures that didn’t make it into the one picture that day.

How I love the autumn time.

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3 Responses to Ten on Tuesday

  1. karenscott24 says:

    love your fall photos!

  2. Kindy says:

    Amazing how mother nature makes things so beautiful! I wish for some of that skill.

  3. Kari says:

    love the pcitures of the leaves! it is amazing how much I used to take them forgranted and now would give anything to have some again!

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