Ten on Tuesday

1.  Sometimes I wish there was a redo button for parenting or at least a manual telling me what to do.  You’d think by know I’d have learned a thing or two.  Nothing like the constant need to stay humble and listening for prompting of what I should do.  So glad I’m in this together with an amazing guy Owen.

2.  To say that I’ve been bit the quilting bug would be a slight understatement.  I have had sooo much fun machine quilting, that I’m piecing together quilts so that I can have more things to quilt.  I have done two pillow tops and am almost finished with a table runner.

Can’t wait to finish it and bind it so I can wash it and it can get all crinkly quilty look.  Will post pictures when it is finished.

Waiting not very patiently for my new material to show up in the mail.

3.  Love the personal service that you get from small shops/online stores.  I had ordered some material off Etsy.  I got a message saying if you were going to use the grey with the other colors you bought it will not match.  I quickly responded with please pick something that would match.  Loved that they had my best interest at heart.

4.  Owen and I went bowling again on Friday night.  Owen and both bowled high scores ever.  Owen got a 177 and I beat my college bowling class record of 142 by getting a 143 and then a 144 in my next game.  Look out Owen – that bowling shirt might just be what you are getting for christmas – who am I kidding – never buying one of those.

5.  Becky had her last soccer game of the season on Saturday.  It was a beautiful sunny cool (36 degree) morning.  This is what the soccer field looked like when we arrived.

Becky had a great game.  Love the pictures that stop motion to see what our bodies are really capable of.

They scored with literally one second left in the game to tie.

6.  Tried a new recipe and loved it.  http://eighteen25.blogspot.com/2011/11/from-sweetened-condensed-milk-to.html

Who know that I could make Carmel dip for apples out of a can of sweetened condensed milk.  Super easie pesie.  Put the can into a foil liked crock pot (foil prevents a rust ring) and fill it up so that the water covers the can/cans.  Then cook for 6 hours.  LOVE IT. I need to get more apples so I can eat more.   Have been mulling that one over as the best neighbor/friend christmas gift.  Don’t be to surprised to see some of this show up on your door step.  Have one other idea that hasn’t quite jelled yet so this one might get saved for another year.

7.  I now have a sewing/craft room – so cool so say that I have one.

I have turned a room upstairs into it.  I love that I can leave out a project and come back to it when I want and nothing has moved.  I can pick up and spend a few minutes or hours depending on how much time I have.  So thankful to my neighbor who is letting me use her machine.   One of my biggest tools is my cell phone actually.   I use it to take a picture of the pieced pieces so that when I’m sewing them together, I get them in the right order.

It has saved me a TON of picking out seams.  Something I’m not very patient with.

8.  Becky has been spending lots of time with me up stairs and has created some fun projects.

9.  Fall has almost fallen to the ground.  We are about 2/3rd the way.  Trees are starting to look bare.  I still love to see all the colors when you look at a hillside here.  Loving the colors.

10.  Can you believe that Thanksgiving is only a week and a half away.  Crazy I tell you.  Looking forward to our annual pie party this Sunday night.  Have changed up who is invited this year, but the format is still the same – LOTS of great PIES to eat.  Here is a link to my blog from last year explaining what we do.   https://krisrunner.wordpress.com/2011/11/04/five-on-friday-thanksgiving-pie-party/   Easiest and yummiest party ever.

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3 Responses to Ten on Tuesday

  1. karenscott24 says:

    love the sewing room!

  2. Kindy says:

    Nice work on the quilts. So glad you have the sewing/craft room finally! I loved the shot of Becky position half sitting down..you are right it does look cool!

  3. krapier says:

    Love the quilts! We need to do something together sometime!

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