Adventure Tuesday – Rock Climbing at Stone Garden’s – Bellevue

This is our second time at Stone Garden’s.   We have found that if you have 6-12 people the best deal is to have a “party”.  That is the best rate.  We had 2 belayers who were wonderful.

I enjoyed this time more than last year, because I did a better job of climbing.  I was able to climb more and harder routes than a year ago.  I don’t believe it was that I was stronger – haven’t been lifting at all.  I think there were a couple of things which I did differently or applied that I knew about.

First off – use your legs not your arms to climb the wall.  Pulling your self up the wall tires you out more than stepping up the wall if that makes sense.  Use your large muscles in your legs to do more of the work.  I was able it seemed to trust my legs would get to the next hand hold rather than pulling myself up with my arms.  (Aren’t too many pictures of my legs pushing because we asked our friend Debbie who was taking pictures to not get shots of our bums.)

Second thing that I learned to do was to look around me for where the route was leading me to go.  If I got stuck not knowing where to go next, all I had to do was look for the color that I was climbing.  I realized that I look to the left naturally as I’m climbing up the wall.  I had to learn to look both directions.  If there was nothing to the left -then look right and I’d see a group to choose from.

Third thing was once I realized I was going the wrong direction (I had run out of ways to move lets say to my left – and needed to shift right), sometimes I had to readjust my feet and actually shift my feet (get both feet on the same hold and switch them – much easier said than done then up are 25 feet in the air).   Once I could alter my course it seemed to flow better.

Fourth thing was gratitude for the belayer blow.  They were there to give me the confidence that I needed to take that push to the next hold.  I knew that I wouldn’t fall.  They had tied the ropes and had by back/body.  I knew that I could try and almost every time – I got there without much problem, something that didn’t seem possible was.

Final thing was that I had great friends and instructors on the ground who were cheering and encouraging me all the way.  If I got stuck (or if they got stuck when it was their turn) words of encouragement along with directions were given.  Many times they could see a foot hold that I couldn’t and would help guide my foot too it.  Or they could see the rest of the path and help me get there.

Sometimes with all the colors it looked like twister for adults.

I had so much fun and loved spending time with these amazing women.  I can see quite a few talks out of all that I learned yesterday.


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1 Response to Adventure Tuesday – Rock Climbing at Stone Garden’s – Bellevue

  1. karenscott24 says:

    i was thinking the same thing about the talks by the time I got to the end of your post.

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