Ten on Tuesday

1.  I start right off and get the few quilting/sewing points off right away.  Let’s just say that I’ve woken up thinking about quilts alot this past week.  Here is the table runner I finished.  I love the scrunched quilt look. 

2. I was excited to finish the table runner because that meant that I could start on my new quilt.  I had gotten the material in the mail and had gotten a few more solid colors to help the quilt have more balance between busy and boring.  Thursday night I made my plans while watching Brett on the x-box.

3.  Friday night Owen was out to eat with friends and going to the new James Bond movie, so it was cutting night at the Allen’s.  I must tell you that Becky is the best production manager around.  She had my plan and with only a little explanation, she keep me cutting for 3 hours.  She would read the plan

and get the right material for me.

She would let me know what measurements I needed to cut for each materials.

She would then layout the pieces on the floor so that we could watch it come together.

She had a great system to keep track of what we had done.

She was amazing.  It would have taken me so much longer.  Here is the pieces on Friday night.

4.  Here is the finished quilt top.  How to start on the backside.

enough about quilts – on to the rest of our families week.

5.  Becky started an indoor soccer league this week.  I could get really used to indoor leagues.  Lots of fun – quick – 1:30 warm up – 2:00 half time and non stop action.  Becky did surprise everyone with her amazing skills in-goal.  I’m sure she will be getting more time as the keeper.  Will try to takes better pictures at her next game in two weeks.

6.  I have a good friend who has a vinyl cutter and volunteered to help me with a project I had seen on the web.  I wanted to tweak it just a bit.  She was amazing with her software to have things wrap, etc.  I will just say that none of the outcome was due to her in any ways.  It was all application error by me.    I have learned next time – just email the person online and ask them to tweak it, pay the money to get it to look like you want.  Loved spending time with my friend, but it is worth the little more (total cost would have been $18) to get everything right. and ready to press on.  Time applying it would have been cut from 2 1/2 hours to 15 minutes top.

I gave up with the circle numbers (I am really bad with putting them on right) and had Lindsay hand numbers on the second one.  I will say this is the first time in my life that I remember wanting to know the circumference of a circle, not just doing it for a math problem at school.

7.  Sunday we had our annual pie party and this year invited all the families in our ward who had a missionary out or waiting to go out on their mission.  We had 7 of the 9 families from our ward represented.  Two families had out 2 kids – total count 10 elders and 1 sister.  They are serving in Europe, Brazil, Mexico, West Indies, ARIZONA, and South Pacific Islands.

8.  Monday, Brett’s class had a Thanksgiving lunch that we were invited to.  They did a great job of preparing it.  We were told that Brett is the head stuffing maker.  He sure does love stuffing so that job suits him just fine.

Owen and I had a great time with him at school.

9.  Sunday, Brett graduated from Primary.  He wasn’t to excited about going up to the pulpit until he heard that his good friend Issac was also going to go up the pulpit.  When they called his name he hopped up and walked (from the back – we are back row sitters) up the front.  He was so proud.  Had a hard time seeing too clearly at that point.  He is an incredible son.  I was reminded about how lucky we are to have a little piece of heaven in our lives every day.  There are a couple of things which he does lately that I love and wanted to write down so I don’t forget.  Hope you will humor me or just skip to #10.  Last spring there was a girl at school that he liked so I was not allowed to tell him I loved him – because he had a girl friend and he loved her.  Now, no girl friend and he is the best hugger.  I get hugs in the morning, when he comes home from school, when I come home from being somewhere and at bedtime.  How I love his hugs.  Only a bit longer until til he is taller than me, but I’m hoping the hugs continue.  His other cute thing is that he loves to put his hands on my face to show me if he is cold or hot.  It must happen 10 times a day.  Oh to be surrounded by pure love is wonderful!  Love him dearly.

10.  Looking forward to the next 6 weeks of our family traditions.  How I love this time of year and how I love spending it with the people I love most – Owen, Brock (via email – and phone calls on Christmas), Lindsay, Brett and Becky.  I am the luckiest person alive.

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1 Response to Ten on Tuesday

  1. Marsha says:

    Thank you Kris for sharing all your loving days. You are blessed and we are blessed to have you in our family! Thanks so much for loving your family!!!

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