Ten on Tuesday

1.  Wednesday  night, we went to see the Forgotten Carols.  It was a fun night in the city with the kids.  Great  night with friends at the show.

2.  Lindsay had her first experience with her pepper spray Wednesday night.  Let’s just say that she isn’t afraid to use it.  She wasn’t hurt, but the poor guy who tripped near her probably will not go near her again though.  Oh the joy’s of riding the bus.

3.  Thanksgiving was great.  Lindsay headed to the Turkey Trot with me.  She did the first 1/2 mile with me and then sent me on my way.  It was great to get quite a few kills.  Not that I was counting or anything like that.

4.  Lots of fun cooking and getting ready that afternoon with the kids.  They are champion Jello makers.

And ohhh the Heaven that comes from mixing these ingredients.

5.  Lots of fun with the different friends we had.  We had 3 families for dinner.  One left before dessert.  Another family showed up for dessert, along with the missionaries who came over for a couple of hours.  We played games (no board games so Lindsay and DeeAnn were good sports at playing the games) for a couple of hours.

6.  Friday morning we made our way through the RAIN to watch the Macy’s parade.

I was so glad not to be marching in it this year and that we could stay dry in our rain suits (best purchase this year) and umbrella’s.

Even in the rain, Parades are great.

7.  Becky and I put up the Christmas Tree on Friday afternoon.

While Brett and Owen started their Star Wars Movie Marathon.  Owen was so excited to have a Marathon buddy in Brett.

Brett made it 2 movies and hasn’t been willing to watch any more yet.  Maybe Owen will have to do an extended marathon the Thanksgiving to Christmas time period.

8.  I spent lots of time on my quilt.  I finished the back side and have been able to quilt the whole quilt.

Learned a few things.  A quilt is lots bigger than a pillow or table runner.  I am not left-handed and being taught by a left-handed sewer – things got much easier once I started to do it opposite of what she said.  I am now working on the hand stitching on the binding.  You can see a bit of the binding on the lower part of the quilt.  Can’t wait to wash it and watch it shrink.  Will more pictures when it is finished.

9.  Our traditional puzzle up in the front room.

Becky and I are really good at getting the borders done and few pieces inside.  We need Owen and Lindsay’s help with the rest of the puzzle.

10.  Brett has become a true teenager wanting to listen to music all the time.  Lately he has been seen walking around the house – headphones in and even dancing (like a robot) around.  He wouldn’t allow any pictures, but trust me he is great to watch.  He even headed to his room to “sing” and “play” his guitar along with the music which only he could hear.

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