Ten on Tuesday

1. We had lots of fun holiday traditions this past week. I was reading a talk this morning which talked about the importance of having traditions to help keep your family close and stong. We do not lack for the traditions at this point. First one is that of reading Christmas books each night with a candle.


Seems like this is the year of the advent. We have 5 that we are doing each night. 1. Candy filled with a question for each night. 2. A sister collected a favorite scripture of Christ from the Aunts, Uncles, Grandparents and some cousins. 3. Our neighbor gave us a candles with premarked numbers (I have always taken a sharpie on a blank candle) and 25 qualities along with a story from the scriptures showing it.


4. Another sister gives her favorite scripture and why it is along with a picture for each day. 5. Our family then reads a book or story each night. Loving our little devotionals each night.


2. Friday night Becky and I went to the Festival of the Nativities and enjoyed looking at the nativities and LOVED listening to the Bell Choir.

bell choir

3. We had the first ever test kitchen in my house.

test kitchen

I am on a quest for a great syrup. I have tried 4.


The Buttermilk Carmel is amazing!!!! Still trying to find a good orange (think Creamsicle).

4. The puzzle is making great progress thanks to Owen’s great eyes and Becky is doing great too.

puzzel 1puzzel 2

5. Snowflake Lane is always lots of fun. My kids didn’t want pictures so we had to sneak them when we could.

snowflake lane kids

6. Finished the quilt and looks like it has been accepted into the family.


7. Brett, Becky and I went to see the IHS production of Sound of Music on Saturday afternoon. Maria had a great voice. Surprised with a few of the productive liberties they took, but over all it was a great show.

8. Brett’s basketball practice for Special Olympic’s started on Monday. He was looking good in his purple socks.


9. Brett’s class is making and selling gift tags. Surprisingly delivering them has been very scared for Brett. We have practiced his door approach and is getting so much more confident.

10. Looks like I have gotten the best Christmas present. Love this year.

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1 Response to Ten on Tuesday

  1. Kari says:

    Hey, could I get your #1 and #3 things that you are doing every night for Christmas! I would love to have something for the rest of this year and for next year! Also -Love the purple sock picture!!! He is the man!

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