Ten on Tuesday

1.  So much Happening – I love this time of year.  It is late so I’ll put on pictures later.

2.  Becky piano concert.  She practiced really hard and was amazing!


3.  Sleep Studies and more sleep studies – looking forward to the CPAP machine – hopefully this week for Brock.

4.  Family pictures – always fun.


5.  Becky’s had lots of indoor soccer games.  Lots of fun to watch, fun to play when equally matched – not so much fun when you are out matched (on the losing side).

6.  Fun visit from Greg.  Lots of fun laughing as we played a few games – Watch out Becky is quiet, but she sure has figured out Ticket to Ride.  She soundly beat all of us.  Way to go Boo.  Hopeing this interview is the ONE.

7.  Presents are all wrapped.   CHECK

8.  Neighbor, friend, teacher gifts almost all delivered. (10 left to go).


9.  Christmas cards made and half mailed today – next half out tomorrow.


10.  Finished making the blocks for my Christmas quilt.  Looking forward to playing around with the positioning and then sewing them together.  Hoping to be finished by Christmas.

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