Ten on Tuesday

This year I was inspired to do my “new year resolutions” a bit different from previous years (list of things I could check off).  Those resolutions made it til around Jan. 15th or so.  Owen showed me this picture.


I thought I’d pick my resolution based off some of the things mentioned here, so here goes:

1.  Keep a To-Do list.  Picked out ANY DO app for my phone.  I have used it for my second day now and know that I am much more successful and accomplish more when I have a list.  Each night prior to bed I think about what I want to do the next day and input it.  I LOVE the feeling of checking something off.  It is like I can have a fresh start to my to do list resolutions every night.

2.  Give other people credit for THEIR victories.  I have two friends who are amazing examples of this to me.  I hope that this year I can do a much better job of finding out, acknowledging and cheering people on in THEIR victories.

3.  Continuously Learn:  I love looking back at the past couple of years and seeing all the area’s I’ve learned through classes : gift wrapping, paper crafting, photography, quilting and more.   The funnest part is that I’m not going to “Pick” what it is I’m going to learn right now.  Just keep an eye out for a class or activity and then stumble upon it and learn it.

4.  Read everyday:  Tough one for me.  I am not a reader.  I have started reading Team of Rivals.  It is a biography about Abraham Lincoln and his run for and presidency.  I have enjoyed it so far.  I think this year I’ll read lots of biographies.  Any suggestions, I’d love to hear them.

5.  Make a TO BE list.  I have never done this so Looking forward to seeing what I really want to be.

6.  Compliment:  Many years ago I heard in a talk and did for a while that for every criticism you had to give three compliments.  I had my kids do the same.  I need to start doing that again.

7.  Take time to do what matters:  Time is what life is really about it.  Make sure that I give time to those people and things that really matter.

8.  Run a RAGNAR relay with my dad and siblings.

9.  Save more.  Always good to do.

10.  Embrace Change:  almost don’t want to put that down, because I like my life.  Somehow saying it means that it will change.  But I need to remember that change is usually better for me.  Learning to stretch and bend and grow is always in the long run a better thing.  Just hard, scary and uncomfortable at times to not be the one in CONTROL.


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3 Responses to Ten on Tuesday

  1. karenscott24 says:

    we are totally in on 8! I say cape cod!

  2. tamieard says:


    I lovereading yourTen on Tuesday. Thanks for sharing your goals. I am working on coming up with goals of my own and I appreciate the insight I get from seeing the goals of someone I admire so much. Love ya. Happy New Year.



  3. krapier says:

    I have a bunch of bio’s to recommend! Love the ideas you have!

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