Ten on Tuesday

1.  Life has continued to be busy.  I told my friend with 4 kids that I was starting to remember how crazy life was when I had 4 kids that I ran in 4 different directions.

2. We loved having Nicolle and Silvie with us on for a couple of nights last week.  Looking forward to seeing them more.

3.  Brock has started his life long dream of fencing.  He has gone to a couple of classes enjoying it.

4.  Brett had a Special Olympic’s Basketball Game on Wed.  Will put up a blog about it tomorrow.  Here is one of my favorite photo’s of the game.

IMG_2828 (1024x630)

Check out how cute his muscles on his arms are.

5.  We said good-bye to a great friend, Ann Bull, who is heading off to a new adventure in another state.  We’ll miss and know she will be amazing!

6.  Finished one of the quilts and now machine quilting the other.  Wish I had more time to work on them at this moment.

7.  I loved going curling today.  More on that later.

8.  Can you tell that it is late and I’m really tired.

9.  I am really enjoying reading Team of Rivals.  Highly recommend it.  It will take me a long to read it all, but happy I am reading it.

10.  On Sunday one of my good friends was giving a lesson at church about learning.  I loved it when she asked all of us to write down something we want to learn and then something we can teach others.  Looking forward to being able to learn new things with great friends and to make new friends.

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