Quilts for the two cutest new cousins

Owen’s cousin just adopted two cute girls – ages 4 and 6.  We are so excited for them.  Our family grew due to adoption so we are so excited for their family to grow the same way too.

I knew I wanted to make fun quilts for the girls.  The same but still different.

This is the quilt that I found that gave me the inspiration for the quilts.


Here are the instructions…


It was fun and not too hard to make.  I did learn on important thing.  Check what the pattern calls for material for the back and see if  you like the back they are doing.  I didn’t like their back and was a bit short for the back so I got to be creative and make my own thing.   I loved how the backs turned out, if I do say so myself.

One of the girls liked blue – think Cinderalla Blue and the other purple.  I was able to find layer cakes which had those as the main colors.  The paterns and colors are alot alike, but still different enough to make the quilts different.

The Blue front …


The blue back…


The purple front…


The purple back…


The backs are totally different in color intensity and design.

Looking forward to seeing the girls grow up in their amazing new home!

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3 Responses to Quilts for the two cutest new cousins

  1. Kari says:

    So cute quilts!!! Love the colors – so bright and cheerful!

  2. tamieard says:

    Love them both!! You are amazing.


  3. Kathy says:

    Oh my gosh! You get soooo much accomplished! These are sweet!!! Love them 🙂

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