Ten on Tuesday

1.  It has been a busy two weeks.  First off Brock got a clean bill of sleep on Thursday.  Friday we got word that we was returning to Mesa AZ mission on Sat morning.  Great NEWS!!!  Brock was so happy to be going back.  He was blessed with picking up where he left – same ward same companion.  He is doing great.

2.  Friday night that Brock was getting ready to leave Brett had a basketball game.  He had been complaining of his hips hurting and watching him try to go up and down the court was painful to watch.  After his first game (2 were scheduled) I gave him a ride to the car and called our good friend and PT Torey.  Torey met us at the PT clinic and checked out Brett for us.  Mostly soft tissue pain (I was a bit worried about his hips being dislocated or something like that).  We have done lots of stretching and icing over that past week and a half.  A visit last Tuesday to his PT who discharged him in Oct to see the changes to the flexibility since then.  Thursday a visit to the ortho clinic at Children’s and lots more icing and stretching.  He is walking better, but still is crouching and not where he was.  We will be meeting with the spine doctor in early March, sooner if he isn’t getting back once we start PT again.  So Brett who has grown a lot – He is now taller than me now is having a tough time stretching himself out.   More to come on him I’m sure in the next few month.

3.  I have taken a Lightroom class (Adobe software for photographers) and wonder who anyone ever learns these software programs without a class.  It is a great resource to organize photos and allows some editing of photos.  So far things I’ve taken away from the class – always shoot in RAW and it is okay to delete photo’s that you will never use off your computer.  I pulled all the photos in and I had over 14,000 pictures on my hard drive.  I have gotten through 2010 and have deleted over 3,000 pictures.  Spring cleaning my style.

4.  I got  my 3 gallon pin this last week.


After I had cancer they wouldn’t let me donate blood for 10 years (rules have now changed), I remember the victory of being able to donate that first time.  Every time since, I still love the fact that I beat cancer and am able to donate to help someone else one pint at a time.

5.  Loving the wallpaper for my phone.


It is so fun to see if many times a day.  Boy are their lots of things I love.  I will do that for a self-imposed photo assignment prior to Valentines day.  Chances are I’ll be posting late on the 13th, but I will be here prior to the 14th.

6.  I have keep up on my goal from the beginning of the year to read.  I am a couple hundred pages into the Team of Rival’s book.  I love to read and see how different life was in the 1850’s, but in some ways how they had many of the same challenges as we do today.  My goal was to finish the book by the end of March, but it might be more like April.

7.  Becky is learning lots at her Table Tennis classes.  Last week they played a rally with the teacher to see how many hits back and forth they could do.  (obviously the teacher was to hit it to her so that she could return it)  Becky had a 36 hit rally.  Her teacher was expecting 20 or so.  While we were waiting for Becky’s class to finish we got to watch the #3 player in the US for teenagers play.  He was incredible.   What was more incredible was his teacher who could keep hitting it back and back and was rarely the one who missed the point.   Becky is also playing indoor soccer on Saturdays.   I love the warmth and dryness, Becky is looking forward to being back outside so that when you kick a ball out, it goes out-of-bounds and not right back at you.

8.  Soooo, Brock moved out of the large room upstairs and well, it was looking for a new owner.  I convinced Becky that she didn’t need the BIG room til she was in High School so I have a new sewing/craft room.  I moved all the ribbons, wrapping out of my room (Owen is happy) and almost have it picture ready.  I am loving that I have a cutting station (quilting or gifts), a huge space to sew with plenty of room for the quilt on the side, I even purchased an ironing board and have room to set it up when it is needed.  Pictures to come.   Oh how I love spending time in there.  I have finished some more quilts, will make those separate posts.

9.  Yesterday early morning during my run, I found myself sprawled on the ground after not seeing a silly half curb.  Thanks goodness it was dark and no one around (pretty sure that I can blame the dark on the fall).


See that unassuming curb which made my hand really really hurt.  Although it didn’t stop me from running – volleyball today is a no go.

10. We are excited and looking forward to my brother Greg and his fun family moving here this Saturday!  Can’t imagine the emotions they are going through right now.  I haven’t moved in 13 years.  Prior to that we were never anywhere longer than a couple of years.  Hard to say good-by to friends, but the excitement of a new place is always there with the butterflies.  See you soon Greg and Nicolle and girls!

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2 Responses to Ten on Tuesday

  1. Barb Q says:

    thanks for posting again Kris….I love reading your blog and reading about your perspective on life.

  2. Kari says:

    I am glad that I am not the only one who trips and falls while they are running. I usually do it in front of people and and it is really hard to look cool when that happens! Have tons of fun with Greg, Nicolle and Co!

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