Goal Update

I thought I’d update you on my yearly goals once a month, mostly to keep reminding myself that I had set them.  Secondly, maybe reporting will help me stay focused on them.

1.  To-Do List:   I did really good for about a week.  I made lots of phone calls that I had been putting off.  I found that once I put things on like “Clean my closet” I didn’t want to do it and so if I never looked at my list, then I wouldn’t feel bad about not accomplishing something I didn’t want to do.  I think that I will put smaller parts of a big job so that I can do the smaller tasks that will get the big job finished.

2.  Give other people credit for their victories.  Hard one to say YES I am, but trying to do it as often as I can.

3. Continuously Learn:  I am taking a Lightroom class at Bellevue College.  It is photo organization and editing software.  Lots of fun and lots to learn.   First picture is the unedited photo.


This one Brett is suddenly on an amazingly blue lake.




4.  Read everyday:  Team of Rivals – page 276.  Really enjoying it.

5.  Make a TO BE LIST:  Did that and have been working on Integrity.  I read an amazing article (best one so far) on how to have Integrity in your everyday life.   My favorite quotes is   “NOT FOR ANY PRICE”.   Here is a link to the article.


6.  Compliment – Forgot that I was going to say three nice things for every bad.  Glad I looked at my list again.

7.  Take time to do what matters.  Trying hard.  Another one that is hard to quantify, but always good to keep in the front of my mind.

8.  Run a Ragnar with my Dad:  We have signed up to run the Cape Cod Ragnar in the beginning of May.  Our van has myself, my dad, my sister, her husband, his sister and my sisters friend.  The other van is made up with our friend who moved to RI, Melanie Ball and her friends from RI.  Looking forward to it.  To get myself ready I’ve done a few new things this year.  I signed up for a training play on RunKeeper.  It is a 10K in sub 9  min miles which ends on the date of the race.  It has been nice to have a schedule to follow rather than just go out and run.  The schedule is easy so far so maybe that is why I like it.  I also signed up for GymPact on my phone and I commit to workout 4 times a week and I get money each week I accomplish my goal.  The catch is that if I miss a workout , I pay.  So no chance I’m going to miss a workout.  So far so good.

This is from a Ragnar I ran in So Cal with 4 of my sisters.  SO much fun!!

20110118-Ragnar Relay So Cal. 2010

9.  Save More – good to remember

10.  Embrace change – so far this year I have on purpose (not because I had run out of my most favorite of all times breakfast cereal – Raisin Bran Crunch) I have eaten something different for breakfast – once eggs and twice Golden Graham.  Crazy changes are happening here.  Will try to be a bit more adventurous this month with changes.

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1 Response to Goal Update

  1. karenscott24 says:

    I was thinking of having a monthly goal and posting it. thanks for doing this because now I know where to post mine!

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