Ten On Tuesday

1.  Owen has really enjoyed his juicer.  I have been a supportive wife and most often have tried at least a sip of his latest concoction.  The other day Brett was watching and Owen asked him if he wanted a drink of a green juice combination.  Brett was all excited because he loves smoothies and the   is really cool to watch it work.  Brett took a healthy drink and suddenly realized it was nothing like a smoothie.  He proceeded to run to the sink where he could spit out what was in his mouth for about a minutes.  Loved it.  One of those memories which will be hard to ever forget.

2.  Owen found a book called 50 Dangerous Things (you should let your children do)  by Gever Tulley.  I love it.  It has great ideas (Break glass, play with dry ice, etc.).  One page how to do it safely and the opposite page has a field notes where they can write down all that they did and what date they did it.  Becky has been looking through and hopeful we can start doing some soon.

3.  Last Friday was the Explorer Hall of Fame for the 5th graders at Becky’s school.  There were over 100 explorers who were there.  Becky was Robert de la Salle.  She did a great job.

becky explorer

4.  So last week mine and Owen’s moment of being spontaneous came when I finally had a person at the partner desk at an airline mileage plan tell me how to be able to actually get a flight.  So here is  my frugal traveler trip of the week.  The closer to the day of the flight the more seats that they airline will make available.  Good to know.  Silly me I was trying to plan ahead – along with everyone else who uses their airline mileage credit cards to run their businesses. How to do it now.  Just be spontaneous.

5.  So are you wondering where we are going?  We are headed to visit my brother Jeff and his family in JAPAN!!!!!!!   Can’t wait.  Nothing like going from no school break trip to an amazing trip.  Made a detour by the library to get all their books on Japan.

japan books

6.  I wanted to not tell the kids and take the to the airport and tell them then that we were going.  I told Owen that and hoped he could keep the secret.   I was then talking with a good friend and she said that they were doing the same thing with their kids, but told me about how she realized that her husband and her needed to communicate more when someone asked them when they were telling the kids and they both answered at the same time but with completely different opinions.  I figured that if I am going to try to change this year – maybe I should see what my husband’s opinion was of this rather than just tell him how it was going to be.  We chatted and I could understand his point and we decided to tell the kids.  Friday we told Becky and Brett.  SOO Worth it.  They have been so excited and now Owen and I can share our excitement with them rather than just hoping to not say something wrong.  Amazing how insightful your spouse (and others) can be when you actually ask them their opinion.

7.  Owen’s and my 25th anniversary is in Jan 2014. So our play is to have babysitters arranged for the kids and a couple of weeks before we see how many miles we have  (just about used them all for this trip) and then we see where those miles can take us.  I love it.  The excitement of a trip is there, but it is a surprise for us!!!

8.  Lots of fun for Becky and Brett to go swimming at Greg’s hotel pool last friday night.  I’m still wondering why hotel pools are sooo cold.  On a positive note:  Brett really didn’t need me in the pool to help him so next time I’ll just sit on the side so if needed I can jump in.

9. The bulbs are starting to send their green shoots up above the ground,  Looking forward to spring which is just around the corner.

10.  I have personal care aids again to help with Brett (Chloe and Lindsay).  It seems like it couldn’t have started back up at a better time.  I have been so busy with many things that I don’t know how I would have been able to be all the places at the same time.  Brett is loving them.

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2 Responses to Ten On Tuesday

  1. Kindy says:

    How good of you to ask your husband his opinion. I think that is a Sherwood trait…to inform.

  2. Kathy says:

    WHAT?? Japan!!! How exciting, my very adventurous friend!

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