Ten on Tuesday

1.  Last Tuesday night I got my first ever singing telegram.  Owen had paid to have 5 girls come and sing LOVE (from parent trap), bring me a red rose and the BEST chocolate, caramel with sea salts EVER.  The girls were great and I loved it.

2.  I love Pinterest.   Becky and I were looking for a robot small gift for her “Secret Friend” (they drew someone’s name in their class and were suppose to give a small gift at their party on Thursday).  We were not finding anything.  I looked up on my phone candy robot and found a juice box robot.  Not wanting to do a juice box robot, we were able to get everything to make these guys.


3.  Breakfast started out on Valentines Day filled with LOVE.  Love eating my cereal in my new heart bowl.


4.  Thursday night Owen made Strawberry Rhubarb Empanadas.  They were heavenly right out of the oven with vanilla ice cream.


5.  I have been reminded this past week while helping others, how grateful I am for a husband who loves me and treats me like a Queen.  Great and amazing kids who show kindness for others without a second thought.  Siblings and parents and friends who I could turn to if I ever need them.  I am truly blessed because I am loved and have other to love.

6.  Last night I thanks Owen for his realizing that telling the kids about our trip would be much more fun the momentary surprise at the airport.  Oh how he has been right.  I think last night was harder for them to fall asleep than on Christmas Eve.  We have been counting down the days, getting things packed and so excited to go.  We are off this afternoon.

7.  I actually had some time to quilt yesterday and loved it.  Have missed being so busy that I couldn’t do any.

Love that you can take this ….


and it can become this …20130219-chevron

I have two more chevron’s to go.  I am loving how it turned out.  So fun that what I envisioned is actually looking as good as I had hoped.

8.  Couple of things I have done for our upcoming trip that I’ve  never done before:  ordered foreign money from a bank and then picked it up; purchased trip medical coverage (shop around there is a large difference in prices); rented a lens for my camera and purchased a train pass.

9.  New season of Amazing Race has started.  I play a fantasy type league with my brother.  I in the past have really analyzed the teams and try to figure out who is going to be good and bad.  I usually am in the bottom 1/4.  This year I just looked at the names and their jobs and picked from that.  Lets just say that the team I had winning the whole thing got our first.  Looking like I could easily be at the very bottom.

10.  Ready for our next adventure this week.  Looking forward to all the memories we can create with our kids and my brother and his family.


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