Kyoto Japan

We had a wonderfully uneventful flight.  The kids did great to on the flight.  Brett even thanked me after 9 1/2 hours flying to letting him go on an airplane.

I am going to put pictures into individual gallery posts for each of the places with the explanations.


We arrived at my brothers after taking 3 different trains.  Planes, Trains and Automobiles was the theme of the day.  Japan drives on the left side of the road so Becky got to experience that.

Thursday morning, Owen and I left on a 4:45 train to catch a bullet train to Kyoto.     Becky and Brett hung out with cousins  I was grateful that it was daylight so that we can see the country as we went by.  At one point, I had been looking at the computer and looked out and it was snowy.  Loved it.

JAPAN 2013-2


We arrived in Kyoto around 8am.  We headed to To-ji Temple.

JAPAN 2013-17


It just so happens that on the 21st of every month there is a flea market at the temple. We were able to experience that along with the Temple and a beautiful Japanese Garden.

We wandered through the streets and ally’s to get back to the train station and really enjoyed the everyday life of those who lived in that area.

We next headed to Nijo-jo Castle.

JAPAN 2013-37


We walked around the grounds as snow flake occasionally fell, but didn’t stick.  Owen and I both talked about how pretty it was without all the gardens in bloom, but how crazy the spring/summer time would be with all the tourists.

We headed for lunch.   This was what the menu looked like.

JAPAN 2013-61

The waiter spoke limited English.  We picked pork over tempura.

JAPAN 2013-62

Turned out great.   Yes I really try some of everything except for the ginger.  Must say I was so disappointed in the dessert.

We then walked around enjoying seeing off the beaten pass.

We then took a train to see the Fushimi-Inari Taisha Shrine.

JAPAN 2013-67

LOVED it.   Then headed back on the bullet train to my brothers.  Crashed during the two hour train ride back.  I will say that I expected the train to feel faster than it felt.  I was wanting to feel like I was being pushed back in my seat.  I guess the trains are built well so that you don’t have that feeling.

It was a great day.  Spending the day with Owen was wonderful.  So grateful for Heather who watched Brett and Becky for us.  Brett and Becky loved playing with cousins.  Becky when to Japanese chess club with Jackson and Brett played basketball with Carter.

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