Kamakura, Yakiniku and Karaoke


Friday was  fun-filled day for Owen and Becky and I took turns going out with him.

Becky and Owen headed out for their daddy daughter adventure to go to Kamakura in search of the Great Buddha – Daibutsu.

20130227-becky and dad

The were able to successfully navigate the trains and arrived at their destination not to be disappointed.

20130227-becky buddhua 20130227-big budhah 20130227-side buddhua

You are actually able to go inside the Buddha.  This 37 foot bronze figure was cast in 1292.

That night, Owen and I went out to eat with my brother Jeff and his Japanese counter parts at his base.  We went to a Yakiniku restaurant – for dinner. Yakiniku is a BBQ style restaurant.  At this restaurant it is all you can eat, but you buy the hour.  So we purchase the 2 hour all you can eat dinner.

There are lots of different meats and a few vegetables that you can choose to cook.  There are some really not so tasty parts (stomach, tongue) not that I would know, but I’m taking Owen’s opinion on this one.  You sit at your table where there is a cook top and you cook your own meal.

20130227-dinner w jeff


Note the need to have your peace sign up.  They all do that in Japan.

After dinner, we headed across the street to the Karaoke place.


Loved the drink dispenser …

20130227-drinks at keroke

Jeff and Owen were great singers..

owen singing

It was me and the salary men (Japanese term for career men) ..

the guys

I didn’t sing with a mike, but the funniest part of the evening was watching the Japanese videos which went along and told them what the song was about.   Good to learn that all those songs I thought I knew what they were about were so not correct, according to the video’s.




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