Odawara Castle 小田原城

This was an amazing castle.  We drove with Jeff and his two girls.

Here is a great link to details about this castle.  I was trying to remember the name and went to this link of castles.  It is amazing to see how there are many castles which look very similar to this castle.


It was very different from the castle in Kyoto in structure.  This castle was on top of a hill and went up 6 stories rather sprawl across the grounds.   It has also been reconstructed and had a museum inside which shows lots of the different weapons, armor, clothing, tools, ways of carrying people and everyday life.   My nieces were great tour guides from their previous trips to the castle.  No pictures from inside were allowed.  The grounds were lots of fun.  They had monkey’s which were fun to watch.  Jeff hung out with Brett on the main grounds since there were so many steps for him to climb.  The highlight of the trip for the girls was the chance to dress up as princesses.

Lots of fun and we had  a great time.

Lots of pictures so a slide show of the castle is below.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


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