Church and Sankeien Garden

We headed to church with my brothers family Sunday morning.

church in japan

The kids thought it was cool to have an elevator in the church.  While at church there was an earthquake which was measured at 3.3.   The kids didn’t notice it, they were with the other kids singing, but the adults all noticed it.  It only lasted a few seconds.  Long enough to think – “Is it that an earth quake? –  Yep it is” then is faded off.

After grabbing lunch we headed to go and walk the grounds of the Sankeien Gardens.  Turns out we weren’t the only ones.  We saw a wedding party and another women dressed up with numerous photographers around her.   We were able to walk the garden’s without too many people around.  Brett was tired from the walk from the bus stop (1/2 mile) so Owen and I tag teamed with Becky walking around the gardens.

It was beautiful even without green grass.  Love the sense of peace and calm within the garden. Once you stepped out it was the bustle of the world again.    After the garden we headed back on the trains.  Brett and Becky got really good swiping their pass at the train stations.  Brett would even walk into the handicap office by himself.  Loved the garden, the company and the afternoon.


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