Tokyo in a Day

We got up early and caught a train to Tokyo (okay at least 3 different trains – who am I kidding that it was only one).  We headed to the Fsukiji Fish Market.  The wholesale auction starts at 5:00 and lasts til 6:15.  We didn’t make it there in time, but were able to explore the outer market and all it’s business.

We went to a sushi bar for breakfast.  I had my first, second and tiny bit of my third ever sushi.  Owen, Becky and Jeff were in heaven at the sushi bar.  Also expecting it to be my last for a long long time.  We then walked through the fruit and vegetable market as they were setting up their stalls.

Following that we headed to the Sensoji Temple.  Becky enjoyed seeing all that was at the temple and the delicious melon bread and apple cakes afterwards, didn’t dampen her spirits like the cold weather had earlier.

We then took a river cruise.  It was great to see the skyline and bridges at a much slower pace than on a train.  I would suggest that you invest in the 300 Yen (approx. $3.00) to get the English Audio guide.  I couldn’t understand anything the tour guide was saying.

After the river cruise we headed to the LDS Temple.  Becky headed back to the house with Jeff, leaving Owen and I to explore on our own.  We enjoyed the garden which was  next to the temple.  Loved the set up a certain fisherman had.

We then headed to the “Times Square” are of Toyko called Shibuya Crossings.  This is suppose to be the most crowded intersection in Toyko.  It was fun to watch from the 2nd floor Starbucks and see all the people cross.  We then headed to lunch and scored a window seat to enjoy the people watching along with the band trucks driving around blaring the music.

Last stop prior to home was the Akihabara district which is know as the electronics district.  Too much flash and animation for me, but can say I’ve been there now.

We headed back to Jeff’s after a great day in the city.  Lots and lots of fun and couldn’t have asked for better hosts.

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1 Response to Tokyo in a Day

  1. Kindy says:

    Fun pics. You are a brave lady with the sushi! Elena loved the bus picture:) Truly enjoying your trip with you! THanks for bringing us along…although it looks chilly there.

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