Ten on Tuesday

1.  Either I get my 10 on Tuesday out first thing in the morning or it is an end of the night deal.  I figure I got caught up on my trip pictures so I am doing good this past week.

2.  We arrived home from our trip.  We had the best hosts ever.  Thanks Jeff and Heather.

heather jeff

3.  Becky turned 11 on Wednesday.  She is amazing and we feel so blessed that she is in our family.

4.  Friday night while Becky was at Ping Pong, Brett and I ran errands.  Brett saw the “Green ATV Store” and wanted to take a picture.  I thought he’d take one as we drove by, but no he didn’t.  I stopped and he got out to show me “THE ONE”.  He is now slightly obsessed to have someone get one for him.

brett atv

5.  I love catching my kids deep into a book.


6. Speaking of Books – I found a great one.  Okay if I’m recommending a book it is probably a picture kid book.  Check out The Box of Crayons Talked.  Love it.

7.  Monday Becky had her friend birthday party (a every other year happening in our home so she was so excited.  They were cute girls and crazy girls.

partybecky birthday party-3637

8.  The kids did great with the jet lag.  Owen and I though were doing good until we slept in until 10 am on Sat morning.  Crazy.  We NEVER sleep that late.

9.  I am surrounded by amazing women.  So lucky to have had the chance to eat lunch a couple of times this past week with great friends.  One of the amazing blessing of living here.  (really anywhere – you  just have to find them).

10.  Tomorrow I get to go to my very last of 15 elementary school music concerts.  No I am not sorry to not be able to attend those any more.  Love kids growing up.

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1 Response to Ten on Tuesday

  1. karenscott24 says:

    so true about the amazing women! thanks for posting!

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