Ten on Tuesday

1. Oh how I love slowing down that pace of life.  This past week that has almost happened.   Wednesday I attended the last Elementary School Music Concert of my children EVER!!!   Becky was great and I don’t remember a class of 5th graders who were so ready to be done with music.

boo concert

2.  Brett had a doctor appointment with the Orthopedic Surgeon on Thursday afternoon.   I had gone in prepared to a couple of things.  That we’d be having surgery shortly to remove the hardware (metal plate and pins) from his hip reconstruction surgery from 2+ years ago and most likely need surgery for his scoliosis.   We Brett is a rock star and needs neither.  His hip wasn’t bothering him.  If we do want the hardware removed, we can call the surgeon.  It is a day procedure (no overnight hospital stay) and a couple week recovery – mostly letting the incision heal.   The surgeon doesn’t think Brett will EVER need the scoliosis surgery.  Right now his angle is 33 degrees and they wait til 45 or 50 and with his age, he doesn’t think Brett will get there.  So good day at the doctor’s office.  Come to think of it – Owen was there and he hasn’t been to too many appts.  I think he is our good luck charm.  We should bring if every time.

3.  Friday and Saturday had SUN.  Loved the sun.  On my run on Saturday morning, I wore sun glasses for the first time in a long, long, long time.  I even wore it running in the shade for part because I could.

4.  I should be jealous of this cute girl who is kissing Owen, but somehow I don’t think she is too much competition for me.

sj kiss

5.  Brett was our master baker on Monday with his speech therapist.  He didn’t want to be in the picture, but I was able to find a way without him knowing.  Hopefully he doesn’t read my blog or my secret is out.  This is his “Chocolate Vanilla Banana Graham Cracker Vanilla Wafer” Creation.

brett cooks

6.  The next 5 are pictures of the Top 5 things I LOVE about my sewing room.  (Just got the last few things in place so I can share)     First off here are a few of the before photos.  Please understand theses are the mid-way before photos.  I didn’t take pictures of what it looked like when my older kids were occupying this room.  These pictures are once I had cleaned out all their stuff and left it with the basics – bed (this is also our guest room), shelves and the desk.

Sewing Room Before-2989

Sewing Room Before-2986

Sewing Room Before-2987

Sewing Room Before-2988

Here is a look of how it looks now…

Number 5  – I love having a table that is sewing only – not cutting/ironing/sewing.  I do like that I can use it to wrap gifts and or use it for crafts also.

– Sewing Room-1

7.  Number 4 –  Cutting Station and material storage area  (I have some great ideas on how to better store my fabric – need to do get them, do it and then will post)

Sewing Room-2

Sewing Room-3

8.  Number 3 – Wrapping Paper storage area ( and yes hiding in the corner is the ironing board – haven’t needed on for years – but needed it for quilting)

Sewing Room-5

9.  Number 2 – Ribbon Wall and Craft Storage area

Sewing Room-4

10.  Number 1 – my sewing machine (thanks for the Christmas/Anniversary/Valentines Day gift Owen!)

Sewing Room-6

I keep trying to justify why my family ready doesn’t need me nor do I need to do anything else.  I’d love to stay here all day long, but I can’t so I just smile when I walk past it many times a day.

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