Adventure Tuesday – Ping Pong Lessons

We had a great time going to Seattle Pacific Table Tennis Club to get a lesson and then to play for an hour.  This is where Becky takes lessons.

They were great to us.  It is amazing how hard it is to unlearn years of playing.  We were first taught forehand.  This one never clicked for me unless they had my hand and were helping me.  Then it worked and felt real natural.  Couple of other times it felt like I had it, but then I’d get out of the pattern.  It was so nice when the coach would just hit it to you in the exact spot every time so you didn’t have to do anything but what we were learning.

Sewing Room Before-26

When we’d go practice as the other’s had their lessons, it was not the same.

Sewing Room Before-36


Then we learned backhand.  Oh yeah.  I am a back hand player.   That would felt right and I was pretty consistent in getting it over right where I wanted it to go.

Found out that the blue walls and red floor are tournament colors.  It allows you to see the ball easier.

After an hour lesson we were able to play.  We played doubles.  I was laughing so hard when I was looking at the pictures.  Our faces are showing how much we are concentrating and our right hands are either stiff or trying to get in on the action.

Sewing Room Before-79 Sewing Room Before-75 Sewing Room Before-67 Sewing Room Before-72

We are all pretty competitive if we are this focused for a ping pong/table tennis match.  Thank goodness Jana took a few pictures of us after a point – yes we were really  having fun.

Sewing Room Before-77 Sewing Room Before-74 Sewing Room Before-65 Sewing Room Before-66

Lot of fun with amazing women.

Sewing Room Before-38 AT Ping Pong-40

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