Ten on Tuesday

1. It is spring around here. You can see the daffodil blooming.

blog post-3

2. Bud day happened. It seems like one day all the trees have buds. Which my eyes can tell it is happening as they start to itch a ton.

blog post-4

3. I decided it was finally time to take down the Christmas wreath. Now my door looks naked.

blog post-5

I need to find a fun spring/summer wreath.

4. This tree in our neighborhood always cracks me up. It does not drop it’s leaves in the fall for some reason. The leaves must be having a contest of who can hold on the longest and none are willing to be the first to let go.  Those are some seriously competitive leaves.

blog post-6

5. Now this is not a sight you see every day.

blog post-2

6. Had a great night riding the Farris Wheel with Owen.

great wheel

7. Brett is all bit and all teenager. Love his newest addition to his looks.

blog post-1

The lanyard with a key. He is hoping for his green ATV (which is  not happening any time in the next 10-15 years). When we tell him that we don’t have mountains to drive it, he tells us he will drive it to school. So if you ever see a green ATV heading towards IHS that would Brett living his dream.

8.  Becky has been hard at work on her science fair project.  It is to determine who smells quicker – male or female?  What is you guess?  I guessed girls – I was not correct.  Guy’s smell consistently fast by almost double of what girls smell.  Watching her conduct her experiment was great – all those Myth Buster’s episodes have really stuck with her.

9.  I am surprising myself with my running.   I haven’t used a training plan for a very very long time (probably since I ran fast).  I am using one while I train for my Ragnar in May.  It is so fun to see that I can push myself and that my body can run like I want it to.  Not back to super fast times, but I can see that I can get their if I continue working at it.

10.  I realized on Saturday night out with Owen and Greg and Nicolle that I have come a long way.  I now look at the fish entree’s first and more often than not get fish.  I could have never said that a few years ago.

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