Ten on Tuesday

1. Love slower life. Enjoying this time while it lasts.

2. Started my new quilt. I am making on of the Tokyo Subway system. It will be my first where I designed and then did it. I saw one online prior to the trip, but after going it didn’t look like it at all (the person said it didn’t). I want to make one that comes a bit closer. Having fun so far.

3. For Becky’s birthday we got her a groupon for chess lessons. First one started last week. She loved it.

4. Friday morning we had snow. First real snow of the year. Friday afternoon warm and sunny. Saturday 62 and sunny.

5. Becky went with Greg and Nicolle to the pass to go sledding. She had a great time. Thanks for taking her.

6. Sat night, Owen and I had our second week of a date a week and went to see Brian Regan. He is a comedian. We laughed a lot and really enjoyed it.

7. Tried Red Mango frozen yogurt for the first time. LOVED it.

8. Sunday enjoyed dinner with some great friends. Nothing beats sitting and talking with great people.

9. Brett had been running and jumping trying to be able to touch the ceiling and door jams. Love his sense of accomplishment when he is able to hit it with his fingers.

10. Last but not least. I dusted off and pumped up the tires to my road bike and too it for a spin today. Will right up more on my adventures Tuesday post, but it was fun. Loved riding it and remembering what a great bike it is.

Wrote this on phone so pictures are at the end. Snow and how far along I am in the new quilt.

Hope you all have a wonderful week!



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