Ten in Tuesday

1. I have a new money saving tip. Issaquah recently passes a law saying no plastic bags. So you either have to bring your own or pay for brown bags. My tip is to only buy what you can carry out of the store without a bag (since I can never seem to remember to bring mine and don’t think I should have to pay for a bag). Seems to work well at Target. All I really needed was band aids, so rather “look around to see if I needed anything else” I got in and out with band aids and nothing else. Score one for saving money by not buying the impulse purchases. I know you could make a list and only get what is on your list, but this one makes it a bit more limiting.  Don’t worry I grocery shop in other towns where they will still bag my groceries for free.

2. Thursday night we had a fun and SUPER easy girls night but it could work for any group. I picked out 40 random cards from the game Who Knew (Cranium) and that became our photo scavenger hunt. Super easy to create and lots of fun to do. Rules we had: only 3 pictures per location; we had an hour (next time I would do 60 pictures – since we were able to get all of them); your whole team had to stay together.  Each picture was worth a point.   Then the birthday girl picked her top 10 and her bottom 10 and bonus/penalty points were given if you took those pictures.  Here were a couple favorites that were on my phone – horseback riding, snakes and singing in the shower.

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3. Brett is in LOVE. There is a cute peer tutor in his class. I have no problems getting him up in the morning for school.


4. It was great to see my cousins, Emily and Melissa on Friday night. So glad we could spend time with them.

5. Sat morning we went to the movies with Brett’s school class and the peer tutors (yes she was there). His school continues to amaze me with the support they give these kids. There were 8 kids from Brett’s class and 10 kids from the high school.

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6. Becky is loving the chess lessons. Watch out Grandpa David she will be ready in July.

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7. Have a wonderful night with amazing friends Saturday night. It was such a beautiful day all I wanted to do was be outside.

8. Easter Sunday was wonderful. Church was great and we then we had a wonderful dinner with 28 friends at our home. It was do nice to be able to eat out back and have room for the kids to move. We truly are blessed with the gospel of Jesus Christ and wonderful examples of true Christians around us. Love where we live. Truth is these types of friends are everywhere. You just have to look.

9. Brett is transforming into a teenager right before our eyes. The hat is now always on backwards. The head phones are on. He is dreaming/planning his first date. The 5 o’clock shadow shows up sooner and sooner between shaves. He is in love and today his heart was broken when she texted him a picture if her and she was with another guy. We have it all.

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10. I love spring and wanted to share what Washington is looking like right about now.\

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