Adventure Tuesday – Biking the I-90 Trail across the bridge and back

I have run across the I-90 bridge a couple of times, but today we were going to bike from Factoria along the I-90 bike trail across Mercer Island across the I-90 bridge and back (with a lunch stop on Mercer Island on the way back).

Here is a look at our route.

It was a 15 mile round trip bike ride.   My favorite part was that you were never on a road with vehicles.  It had more hills than I had expected.   Hot huge hills, but to my friends who were on mountain bikes they were tough.  I dusted off my road bike.  I hadn’t ridden it since my last triathlon (5 years ago).  It was amazing to see the difference that a road bike makes vs a mtn bike.  I really enjoyed riding my bike (especially on down hills).  Looking forward to getting out on the bike more this summer.

We had 8 women  and we had a great time.  The day was perfect – cool enough that we didn’t get hot, little wind and the sun came out as we headed back from Mercer Island.

AT Bike I90-2 F083A939-D473-487B-8E84-3E3CBFBEB2C0 EED744FA-68F5-4278-A1F0-3B08B5B187F8 A9CC08E5-47A5-4BD2-9F6B-8437F8D79B01 0FBCDE1F-A94D-43ED-A224-ACE52B3A0913

Liked our bike locks (aka. bike helmets) as we parked them to eat lunch.



5DA25F51-4E3B-4FE6-A29A-11047B2F88DD AT Bike I90-15


We even saw a guy doing a practice walk, leading up to his May 1st departure to walk from Seattle to Brazil for the 2014 World Cup all while kicking a soccer ball.  Check his page if you want more info.

Photo: Running Journal: Talk about inspiration, we saw Richard Swanson crossing the I 90 bridge with his ball. His blog is Breakaway Brazil and he is going to dribble a ball from Seattle to Brazil for the 2014 World Cup. Over a year & to 11 countries. Awesome!

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