Ten on Tuesday

1. Brett continues to “grow up”. Becky and I were getting our haircut. As I was looking through the hair magazines, I asked Brett what he would like. He liked the spiky hair look. He now has spiky. He is looking in the mirror to check out his hair. He takes pictures of himself. He lets me take pictures if his hair.

blog 4 16-11

2. Becky continues to take ping pong, chess and piano lessons. She would rather be playing with friends than anything else.  She and her friend also had lots of fun painting a bank and bowl.  Fun to see who they turn out this next week after they are fired.

blog 4 16-17

blog 4 16-19


3. A couple of weekend ago was our Churches General conference. Loved the speakers and all the talks we heard. Especially enjoyed Elder Cook’s talk about peace. I was surprised how much it effected me. I am not a worrier esp about thing going on around us. Here is the synopsis Of his talk. “Even with the trials of life, because of the Savior’s Atonement and His grace, righteous living will be rewarded with personal peace. “. (2013 April General Conference, Personal Peace: The Reward of Righteousness, Sat. Afternoon Session – By Quentin L. Cook)

4. Love it when the kids emulate Owen.  When Owen cooks he always (okay most often) has a towel over his shoulder.  Sunday when they were helping cook dinner, Brett and Becky were looking good.

blog 4 16-20


5. Loved playing Don’t Eat Pete with Aunt Edith via text messages. She was perfect and cleared the whole board. Lucky for us she let us eat her spoils.

blog 4 16-4

6. Becky has been sewing and made herself a seat belt pillow for the next time we go on a road trip.

blog 4 16-2-2

blog 4 16-3

7. We got to go and watch a local morning show be taped. Lots of fun. Brett loved to clap when the applause sign went on. The kids lived to see them self on tv.

blog 4 16-12

blog 4 16-13blog 4 16-14

8. Loved getting tickets to the Mariners from work. I love a baseball game at the park. Hopefully next time they will win.

marinersblog 4 16-15blog 4 16-16

9. Lindsay and Brett have been arm wrestling lately. Brett can beat Lindsay for real. So funny to watch.

blog 4 16-2

10. Lindsay is the proud owner of a fog. Good thing she doesn’t live at home for the moment or she wouldn’t be the owner of a dog. The dog comes to visit often.

blog 4 16-21 blog 4 16-22

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