Double Crossed Quilt using Lucy Crab Shack Material

I used some of this Fat Quarter set for a baby quilt for my SIL back in February.


I found this pattern by Amy Smart and thought if would be a fun one to make a quilt by my sister.

doubled cross


I did  a few things that I have never done before on a quilt.

I squared up my blocks – had to – but boy did it make it so much easier when I put everything together.  Will have to do that from now on.

Karen Quilt a


Look at what 80 blocks looks like from the side.

Karen Quilt a-2


Here is what the layout looked like – ome how I had made an extra block (80 – 81 who is really counting)

Karen Quilt a-3


Used the extra block and a block using the foundation piecing on the back to give the back more interest – really because I had lots of scraps and wanted to try doing a foundation pieced block – but didn’t want to do a whole quilt that way nor did I want to do a sampler quilt.  The back was the easy option.   Here is the quilt getting ready to be quilted.

Karen Quilt


And here is the final quilt.  Can you tell my sister like Orange just a tad?

Karen Quilt b

Cutest quilt holder around – she is holding is horizontal since she wasn’t tall enough to hold it vertical.Karen Quilt b-2 Karen Quilt b-3 Karen Quilt b-4

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3 Responses to Double Crossed Quilt using Lucy Crab Shack Material

  1. Kathy says:

    This is gorgeous! My favorite so far:)

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