Favorite Pictures from Ragnar Relay Cape Cod

Loved spending time in New England.  So different from Washington, but so familiar to growing up in Upstate New York.

Had lots of fun, not much sleep and loved watching my Dad, who is 71, run his first Ragnar. If I ever have to wonder where I get my outdoor adventure competitive drive, I just have to look no further than my parents.  Last year in May I got to kayak for three days with my Mom in the San Juan Islands.  This year I got to run and spend 3 days with my Dad in Cape Cod.  Can’t ask for more beautiful country than either of those choices.  So glad Owen could enjoy Cape Cod with me also.

Warning lots of pictures.  For this trip the pictures describe the race so much better than words.

Owen and headed to Boston.  Flying without kids is lots easier – even with mine getting older.

Ragnar Cape Cod i-1


We got to Boston and got on the same car rental bus as my dad who flew in from Boston and the rest of the team (my sister Karen, her husband Chris, his sister Michelle and my sister’s friend Kelli) who had just returned their rental car.  We couldn’t have timed it better.  Yep my dad only brought a backpack.

Ragnar Cape Cod i-2


We headed to dinner of pasta and then went to the hotel.

The next morning took us to the starting line.  Beautiful and WINDY and COLD.  Great running temps, but cold spectator temps.

Ragnar Cape Cod-42Ragnar Cape Cod-43

Ragnar Cape Cod i-3


The team at the start before the arch fell over.  They had to finally use a pick up truck to anchor the arch.

Ragnar Cape Cod i-4


Karen started us off and the race was on.

Ragnar Cape Cod-53


My dad was runner 3 and he did great.

Ragnar Cape Cod i-5


Loved the homes and the churches along the route.

Ragnar Cape Cod-109 Ragnar Cape Cod-103 Ragnar Cape Cod-91 Ragnar Cape Cod-68 Ragnar Cape Cod-67 Ragnar Cape Cod-66


Sometimes a crazy car would try to photo bomb my pictures of cute homes…

Ragnar Cape Cod-140


We went over bridges…

Ragnar Cape Cod-147

Ran past Plymouth Rock …

Ragnar Cape Cod i-6


Our exchange at dusk was at a marina and was breathtaking…

Ragnar Cape Cod-115 Ragnar Cape Cod-126 Ragnar Cape Cod-121 Ragnar Cape Cod-117


Owen was a great driver.  He was always there to cheer you on even in the middle of the night when everyone else were sleeping in the car.

Ragnar Cape Cod-127Ragnar Cape Cod-137


Love my trusty shoes…

Ragnar Cape Cod-136


We made it to the tip of Cape Cod …

Ragnar Cape Cod-142 Ragnar Cape Cod-146 Ragnar Cape Cod-144


And crossed the finish line with our other van, friends from WA who moved to Rhode Island.

Ragnar Cape Cod i-9 Ragnar Cape Cod i-8


So much fun and so much to be proud of accomplishing.  I had a great run and was able to run the pace I had hope over my 20 miles (spread out between three different runs).

The next morning we headed out for a recover walk around the hotel to get our muscles moving again prior to our flight home.

Ragnar Cape Cod i-10


I have always loved Boston and dreamed of going to Cape Cod.  Was not disappointed at all.  Can’t wait to go back.


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1 Response to Favorite Pictures from Ragnar Relay Cape Cod

  1. Kindy says:

    Loved it! I can’t believe dad didn’t run in his khaki’s;) The photos were beautiful. Must find a way to go back East…

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