Family Amazing Race – Sammamish WA – May 27, 2013

We had a family amazing race for our friends on Monday, May 27th. So much fun with so many friends.

We had 19 teams show up. Wish we had more photo’s but were too busy running the race and getting caught up in all the fun. Next time we’ll have to assign a photographer.

Thought we’d share our race so you will know what you missed or enjoyed depending on who reads this.

Our theme was our family favorite things. Makes it easy to plan when you have a theme.

At the start of the race all the teams were given an envelope with a clue in it. Becky had made up a Harry Potter quiz with 10 questions. (I made sure you could find all the answers on the internet if you didn’t know them). Surprised how many people jumped in their car and drove off. Not realizing that they had to complete the quiz to get their next clue. We had hoped that this would spread out the pack of 19 families.

Next clue was :

  • Where would you go in Redmond to find a brick road and this sign – Go there to get your next clue.

AR 2013-20

love this old road which is just off the main roads which is made of brick.

Roadblock Clue to be given at Brick road sign:

  1. Who has good taste?

Head to the closest Root Beer Store – at the store you will need to bring in ID and find a brand of rootbeer that begins with your last name. They need to buy it and bring the bottle to the finish line – empty or full is their choice.

Clue given after they complete the rootbeer task.

Where do you find a Hulk Statue in Bellevue? Go there and look for an Amazing Race person for your next clue. Not a great photo, but you get the picture…

photo (1)

Detour at Cross Road Mall: (complete only one of the clues)

  1. Nail Polish – find someone in the food court and paint their nails.
  2. Puzzle Time – go to Uncle Games and ask for a puzzle. Complete the puzzle.

Clue given after they complete the Detour – Now head to Issq to find where the tracks end the edible landscape tour begins. —

AR 20130-2blog 5.30.13-30-6


Clue at railroad track end:

Roadblock – who likes to match things up?

On foot go to the Gossypium Quilt Shop and find material which matches this swatch (but you can’t repeat any other material that others before you have picked. When the employee feels that you have picked material that matches – buy a ¼ yard and leave it there to be added to the mix.

Amazing Race 2013-2-2

They did a great job didn’t they – the material to match is the very bottom material. I know what quilt I’m going to make from it and will start as soon as I finish the current project.

Clue given after the Quilt shop – Head to 3731 E. Lake Sammamish Shore Ln SE to get your next clue


  1. Jump – one member of the team must jump off the top dock into the water
  2. Run – your family must carry the rice in the spoon to the measureing cup each taking a turn til it fills up the line.

Jumping turned out to be the favorite activity even though it wasn’t sunny and cold – just very competitive teams who knew it was much faster than the rice relay.


Clue given at the end of the detour – Head to Beaver Lake Pavillion

Amazing Race 2013-1

Final clue – Fill out the sheet with Brock’s favorite things. Once they get it right.

It was kind of like mastermind. There were 5 categories with 5 choices. Becky would tell them how many they got right. Once they had all 5 they got the final clue.

Head on foot to find Owen at the Pit Stop. Warning last team to check in may be eliminated. One of the teams running into the pit stop.

Amazing Race 2013-7


Wish we had gotten a group picture so show all the families. Lots of fun and lots of strategy talk for the next one. Thinking about a Couple Only Amazing Race in the late summer sometime.

We had great volunteers who helped at the different stops…

Amazing Race 2013-44


We had lots of fun.

Amazing Race 2013-46


Thanks to everyone who came in and made it a great afternoon!

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2 Responses to Family Amazing Race – Sammamish WA – May 27, 2013

  1. A couples only amazing race would be AWESOME! We had a blast, and thanks again for planning.

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